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The comparison of “Moby Dick” and “Jaws”
After reading and watching both “Moby Dick” and “Jaws” they have both brought me a better understanding about life and what it means to some people. Each of these pieces of work show very good examples about how man sometimes obsesses with evil and in some way can relate to it. Although “Moby Dick” and “Jaws” are similar in many ways they are also very different. It’s obvious to me that “Jaws” is 1970’s version of the book “Moby Dick” written by Herman Melville in 1851. So for the obvious reason of different time periods, these books have many differences. The following is a comparison between the movie “Jaws” and book, “Moby Dick.”
The first comparison that is going to be discussed is the similarities and differences between the character Ahab, found in “Moby Dick” to Quint of “Jaws.” Ahab is the captain of the Pequod and he’s seen as a very strong character. Ahab was on a mission to kill Moby Dick, because this great whale had taken his leg. He was very angry and wanted to get even with the whale by killing him. As Melville describes Ahab he says that Ahab is a “Rugged Individual,” meaning that he is not a handsome man. From the text I got the impression that Ahab was a middle-aged man that was gray haired and a drunk. Some of these qualities can also compare with Quint. Quint ran the Orca searching for Jaws, so like that of Ahab, Quint was also a captain of a ship in search of a sea animal. He was also an older rough looking man that liked to drink. So it’s very obvious that these characters have a lot in common.

The next comparison is that of Ishmael and the Sheriff. Ishmael was a younger boy that set sail on the Pequod. Ishmael is the type of man that can see good in things even if something is too horrible to comprehend. He is a well liked character that becomes good friends with Queequeg. Like Ishmael, the sheriff is a very nice character that is very positive and is sometimes the only person that is intelligent in tough situations. Ishmael is a middle aged man, unlike Ishmael, and he has a family that consists of two boys. He is very involved with his family and gets along with almost all people in the movie. One of the sheriff’s best friends turns out being Hooper, and Hooper relates to Queequeg. So both the sheriff and Ishmael are friends with comparable characters in each pieces of work.

Another comparison is the relationship between Queequeg and Hooper. Queequeg is a strong character that is a very good-willed harpooner, that is also a cannibal. Queequeg, at the beginning of the book seems like a very frightening character because of his harpooning background and his likeness of cannibalism. Both of these two qualities seems to scare Ishmael. Yet as the story moves along it is known to all, that when Ishmael and Queegueg get to know one another Ishmael learns to like Queequeg. Hooper is a very intelligent person that has a passion for the sea. Hooper went out on the Orca also in search of a killer monster, Jaws. Hooper becomes very good friends with the sheriff even though towards the beginning of the book it seemed like Hooper was an intimidating role model. This shows that both are intimidating men, yet are very sensitive at heart.

Starbuck from “Moby Dick” and Mikey from “Jaws” are also very approiate characters to compare and contrast. Starbuck was an adult man yet had a lot of qualities of a small child. Starbuck was a very outspoken man that always made sure that Ahab understood his views on everything and was never afraid to speak up. Mikey is the son of the sheriff in “Jaws.” He’s a very curios young man. As everyone knows children are never afraid to say what’s on their minds and from that they have very little fear of intimidating people. I believe that this is one of the main comparisons between Mikey and Starbuck. They are like one another because very easily, they both stand