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A story of an hour

Andelin, Aubrey P. “Humility.” Man of Steel and Velvet 12 (1982): 291-295.

Andelin tells of how men should be upright. He touches base on the roles and charcters men should have. The book express that men should look at God’s life for an example and the Bible for guidance. Also he believes that real men are gentle, understanding, a provider, humble, and a protector. The tough breed of men is no longer needed in the world today. Men should be men of excellence and humility to accomplish the things of the world.
Arterburn, Stephen, and Dr. Meg J. Rinck. “The Deceiver.” Avoiding Mr. Wrong (1996): 135. This book shows all the warning signs of the wrong type of guy. It helps women weed out Mr. Wrong and find a virtuous man. A virtuous man is not one that lies and has no conscience. Men that deceive have no guilt and shame. The book mentions that this type of man is not of virtue.

Merrill, Dean. “The Big Picture.” The Husband Book (1977): 190-193. Merrill explains what a husband is. He tells how a man should treat his wife and children. Also he shares what a relationship is and how to react in situations in the home. The man should be the leader and put God first in his household. He should let God guide him in all his decisions and experiences.
White, Ellen G. “Tests of Love.” Messages To Young People (1930): 439. Ellen G. White spoke of how the women should be careful of who they marry and make sure the men are worthy. She asks if he makes her happy, can she be herself, is he controlling, or does he have a pure life. “These questions have a vital bearing upon the welling of every woman who enters the marriage relation” (439). By marrying the virtuous man God has given an example of, the marriage will be blessed.
The Holy Bible. The Clear Word. The Clear Word is said to be “A Bible Study.” It helps to make the experiences in the bible more personal and clearer. This book simplifies the word to a farther extent.

The Holy Bible. The Message. The Message gives energy to the Bible and helps us apply it to our everyday live. The message presents information in a more pleasurable way to understand and read it like everyday books.
The Holy Bible. The Living Word. The Living Word is a translation to help us understand the bible. It’s paraphrased or reworded to better explain what the scriptures mean.
The Holy Bible. The New International Bible. This Bible has insights that help the reader to know back ground information on that particular passage. Also it has highlights that help explain, “confusing facts, point out interesting information, or highlights something that can be easily over looked” (4).

The Holy Bible. The New King James Version. It is the most used Bible today. It is the most original one.
The Virtuous Man, Job 29-31. 20 June. 1999 . This site tells of how Job was a virtuous man. He honored God to the fullest extent and did as told. It mentions that a virtuous man searches things out for himself and accepts what God said even if he did not agree. All will speak well of him and know he is a man of God. The site uses Job as an example to follow to become an honorable man.