A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire

But, honey, you know as well as I do that a single girl, a girl alone in the world has got to keep a firm hold on her emotions or shell be lost! Blanche DuBois, the tragically poignant character of Tennessee Williams notable play A Streetcar Named Desire, compensated for her disheveled past with fantasies. Scarred by the abrupt suicide of her husband Allen Grey, Blanche gradually slipped into a world governed by her delusions. For instance, she was overtaken with loneliness so she embarked on a conquest to fill the void in her life with love. After many foolish attempts Blanche met Mitch, a gentleman whom she believed would replace her loneliness with love and respect. Sadly her ambitious fantasy was destroyed by Stanleys cruel intervention, and Blanche was once again abandoned by someone she trusted. In the end, Blanche could no longer cope with harsh reality, and as a result she took refuge in a make believe world of fantasy and dreams.

In order to better understand blanches fantasies, one must retrace the events to the root of the problem. As a young girl blanche married Allen Grey, who at the time was confused about his sexuality. Upon discovering his secret, Blanche felt disgusted and concluded that she failed him in some mysterious way. She carried the burden of his death with her, and the immense feeling of guilt prevented Blanche from moving on. Instead she dealt with the loss by trying to recapture love through various fantasies. One in particular involved millionaire Shep Huntleigh, a gentleman, who repented her last chance for rescue. In addition to Shep, Blanche indulged her fantasies with young boys, and consequently lost her job. In short, Blanches endless search for love stemmed from Allen Greys death, and eventually escalated into a fantasy world.

In spite of her evasive past, Blanche once more attempted to replace her loneliness with a loving relationship. When she met Mitch the previous feeling seemingly vanished, and her ultimate fantasy of marriage was plotted. Although Mitch was no Shep Huntleigh, Blanche settled on him due to the fact that he respected her, but more importantly he treated her like the lady she pictured herself. As their relationship continued to blossom Blanches hopes of marring Mitch grew, and her fantasy was steadily becoming a reality.

However, Stanley had other intentions for where blanche and Mitchs relationship was headed. Labeled as her executioner, he was determined to damage Blanches Credibility since she had interfered with his dominant lifestyle. Stanley intentionally revealed to Mitch incriminating details from Blanches past. As a result, Blanches plans for marring Mitch were thwarted and she was unable to cope with the reality that ended her fantasy. Mitch was her security, a cleft in the rock of the world that (she) could hide in. Since Blanches hero no longer trusted her, she rejected him and in turn completely lost touch with reality. And so began her downward spiral into a world of mixed emotions and fantasy.

On the whole Blanches lustful fantasies lead to her tragic demise, as did her previous husband Allen Grey. Conversely Allen died a physical death where as Blanche died an emotional death. In conclusion Blanche avoided coping with a painful reality due to the fact that she lived in a world of make believe, where her fantasies provided an escapable refuge from the harsh world she actually lived in.