Accidents In Pro Sports Essay Research Paper

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Accidents In Pro Sports Essay Research Paper

Accidents In Pro Sports Essay, Research Paper

Accidents can and make go on anyplace, anytime to anyone. This statement is really true when covering with a physical contact athletics like hockey. There is a certain sum of hazard involved in playing any athletics. When an hurt occurs, it inflicts enormous adversity on the injured individual, the squad and the parents as good. Hockey is a really popular and fun game to play ( it is now considered Canada? s national athletics, along with lacrosse ) but it can besides be really unsafe. As participants become better educated about hockey hurts and drama by the regulations the game will be even more merriment to play. This paper will discourse the importance of common and ruinous hurts, protective equipment, an indepth analysis study, the function of a manager and personal related hockey hurts.

MOST Common Injury

During the hockey season a individual? s organic structure ends up acquiring bruised, injured and banged about. A hockey hurt study done by the International Hockey Centre of Excellence has statistics on the most common hockey hurts and how they occured. the most common hurts are to the shoulder, articulatio genus and the caput.

Injury to the shoulder is the most common hockey hurt in the game today because of the physcial contact. Of the hurts reported in the 1993-1994 hockey season, 12 % of those were shoulder related. Injury to the acromio-clavicular articulation was the most frequent because of the bodychecking. Every clip a participant stairss on the ice, he is invariably being pounded into the boards, shoulder foremost. The glenohumeral was frequently being injuried chiefly from contending and inadvertent contact. Hockey industries are invariably seeking to better shoulder tablets so this hurt will non go on.

The articulatio genus followed closely behind the shoulder being injured 11 % of the clip. A knee hurt is really serious in hockey because it can stop a participant? s calling. Knee injuries normally occur in the unfastened ice country when a participant is cutting difficult and is kneed or tripped by an opposing participant. By chance clashing with an opposing participant or one of your ain teamates, frequently ends in articulatio genus related hurts. The median collateral ligament was damaged in 80 % of all reported articulatio genus hurts, followed by the sidelong collateral ligament 10 % of the clip. The cruciate ligament and meniscal were injured 3 % of the clip.

Head hurts are the 3rd most common type of hockey hurt accounting for 8 % of all hurts. If you were to include facial hurts which would be a combination of the caput, teeth/mouth, jaw/chin and oculus hurts they would stand for 26 % of all reported hurts. A particular analysis has been undertaken by the Hockey Development Centre of Canada to better understand this job. The caput is frequently driven into the boards awkwardly which leads to concussions. NHL, OHL amd Junior A participants are enduring caput hurts because they do non hold to have on full face masks and are capable to lodge misdemeanor.


Catastrophic hurt is any incident causation decease or lasting long term disablement. Hockey played out of Ontario has seen a dramatic lessening in ruinous hurts. There were 26 such hurts in 1992 compared to 44 in 1989 and 79 in 1986. In the yesteryear, Ontario had represented about half of ( more than 200 ) spinal hurts since 1976. The decrease of these Numberss is due from hockey executives who introduced a regulation forbiding look intoing from behind in the 1985 season. A study done by Glen Mccurdie ( director of the wellness benifts for the CHA ) told of nine Canadian participants who suffered broken cervixs, with three reslting in quadriplegia. In the 1992 season four participants suffered broken cervixs, two were classed as ineluctable because they involved participants losing their balance and falling into the boards.

Finally, conference and executive members are get downing to check down on people who hit from behind and do ruinous hurts. On December 6, 1994, OHL commissioner David Branch suspended Steve McLaren for the full season after he ran Ottawa 67? s Jure Kovacevic from buttocks. Kovacevic sustained a broken vertebrae and cracked ribs when hit into the boards. Kovacevic is still retrieving from the hurt even though he was non paralyzed. Almost six old ages ago another Ottawa participant, Grant Marshall was hit from behind by Jason Young and broke his cervix. Young was besides suspended for the twelvemonth. Marshall, luckly was able to return after a long term therapy and was drafted foremost unit of ammunition to the Toronto Maple Leafs the following twelvemonth.

Checking from buttocks is a really serious affair and it comprised 11.13 % of all studies filed. Checking from buttocks is found most frequent in the Bantam ( 34.73 % ) and Midget ( 23.62 % ) age groups. Players at this age are merely get downing to integrate hitting into their game. Many kids are non decently taught the rudimentss of hitting in their runt old ages and because of this they develop bad checking wonts, and this is were look intoing from behind comes into drama. To do hockey a safer game to play, hitting from behind must be put to a complete. Parents, managers, fans and participants have to go better educated for this to happen.

Protective EQUIPMENT

Having the right protective equipment when playing hockey is so really of import because of the physical contact. Every twelvemonth participants are having serious hurts because they have the incorrect hockey equipment. Unnecessary hurt can reult from falsely fitted equipment. All hockey participants should hold and larn how to state if their equipment is decently protecting them.

SKATES- Should supply protection for the full pes and the ankle country

( Achilless tendon ) . Your pess should suit with your toes merely

hardly touching the forepart of your skate.

SHIN PADS- Must be decently postioned at the articulatio genuss for full flexibleness and

widen merely to the skate top. The shin tablets should non turn over off

your articulatio genus at any clip in a game. They should besides be

protective plenty to with-stand a difficult shooting or cut.

ATHLETIC SUPPORT- Should be fitted comfortably, harmonizing to waist

size. A proper cup must be worn at all times.

HOCKEY PANTS- The short bloomerss ( tackula ) should be about six inches

larger than the participant? s waist size to give excess protection and

flexibilty. Always check to do certain that all the cushioning is

in the right topographic point and does non fall out.

GLOVES- Must be snug but non to tight and should over-lap your cubitus

tablet to protect your forearm. Players should be utilizing full

wrist turnups alternatively of

the short turnups because they give you

the excess protection you need around your carpuss.

ELBOW PADS- The cubitus articulation should rest steadfastly in the cup. The rubber bands

or Velcro should experience cubby and tight. For more upper arm

protection, your elbow tablets should be long plenty to be

overlapped by your shoulder tablets. Make certain your cubitus

tablets have a good cut guard as good.

SHOULDER PADS- Be certain the shoulder cap rests forthrightly on the top of

your shoulder. Adjustment straps should ever be snug

and tight. At contact degrees, your tablets should be strong

plenty to give and have difficult cheques. New shoulder

restraints are built into the tablet and are now being used to

stop shoulder hurts.

HOCKEY HEOMETS- Only decently fitted, right adjusted Canadian

Standards Association ( CSA ) certified helmets can be used.

The ground so many caput hurts occur in hockey is because

of improper hockey helmets.


The undermentioned subdivision will give you a more indepth analysis about hockey hurts. Aspects like, where participants are most normally being on the ice, figure of hurts per period, hurts by place, figure of hurts by appraisal and eventually the clip loss due to hurts will be discussed.

NUMBER OF INJURIES BY ZONES- This shows where participants were most normally injuried when they were playing hockey. This is a combination of being injuried with board and no board contact.

As shown, a great bulk of participants are being injuried in zone 4 ( 23 % ) , zone 5 ( 19 % ) and besides zone 6 ( 19 % ) . These three zones all exist in the Centre of the ice, stating people that participants are having most of their hurts in the impersonal ice country.

ZONE OF INJURY BOARD CONTACT- Board contact occured most frequently in zone 6 ( 22.5 % ) , zone 4 ( 20 % ) , Zone 9 ( 17 % ) in the attacking corner and zone 1 ( 12 % ) in the defending corner. This happened becuase most of the board contact occurs inside the bluish line and the corners.

ZONE OF INJURY NO BOARD CONTACT- Injuries where boards were non a factor occured in zone 4 ( 25 % ) , zone 5 ( 22 % ) , zone 6 ( 16 % ) and zone 7 ( 11 % ) . All of these zones occur right in the center of the ice.

NUMBER OF INJURIES BY PERIOD- By periods, hurt rates occur during the 2nd period at 41 % . Injuries in the 3rd period occurred 37 % while hurts in the first occured 21 % of the clip. There have been no hurts reported during the warm ups and merely 1 % occurred in overtime.

INJURIES BY POSTION- By place, wingers are the most normally injuried at 42 % because of difficult forechecking and tough defense mechanism you need to play on the wing. Wingers are ever skating up and down the boards every game and are invariably being hit into them more so any other participants. Defencemen were a close second at 37 % because the defense mechanism are invariably skating back into their ain terminal trailing the Puck and being hit into the terminal boards all game long. This is where most of these hurts occurred. Centres sustained 17 % because they largely stay in the impersonal parts of the ice and are non involved in most of the physical activity in the corners.

NUMBER OF INJURIES BY ASSESSMENT- The most common type of hurt in hockey is from bruises, at 24 % because of the Puck and the stick usage. Sprains so followed at 19 % and so strains at 18 % . with these merely being minor hurts to participants.

TIME LOSS DUE TO INJURY- Time loss due to injury provinces how long it took a participant to retrieve from an hurt and return to action. 38 % of those jocks injuried playing hockey were out for less than a hebdomad while 36 % returned the same twenty-four hours. Those out for less than three hebdomads contributed to 18 % while 9 % of injured participants were out more than three hebdomads. Injuries which required more than three hebdomads recovery were to the shoulder, articulatio genus, caput and forearms.


The function of the manager is a really of import one when covering with kids and immature grownups playing hockey. The manager must back up his/her participants and do hockey the merriment game it was meant to be.

What is a manager? A manager is a individual who is willing to give up his/her free clip and energy to assist do a squad that much better. As a manager, it is besides your responsibiblity to give your participants an environment that provides them with maximal enjoyment and safety. Injury bar is a vey serious affair when playing hockey. This begins with doing certain your participants have the proper equipment and cognition of how to play the game. A manager should ever get down a game and pattern with a series of stretches and warm up exercisings that will cut down on hurts. Coachs should retrieve that hurts to participants can and will go on to trouble oneself them throughout maturity of non handled right. They should make all they can to do certain that their participants are unbroken hurt free so it will non impact them for the remainder of their insightful callings.


I have been playing hockey for 16 old ages now and I have suffered two major hurts during this clip period. I fractured my collarbone when I was hit a metre off from the boards. It happened in my major peewee twelvemonth when I was 12 old ages old and it put me out of hockey for about eight hebdomads. After my shoulder it took me a long clip to acquire my assurance back and at first I was afraid to travel into the corners. The chief ground why my collarbone was fractured was because my shoulder tablets were non the most protective piece of equipment compared to other trade names.

Two old ages subsequently in major bantam, I fractured my ulna and raduis bone after being hit from behind the resistance? s cyberspace. My arm required closed decrease surgery and I was in a dramatis personae for two month and out of hockey for three months. Having better equipment could non hold helped me in this state of affairs. When a individual is hit from behind, unluckily the top trade name equipment will non be able to defy the hit and a serious hurt usaully occurs. Hockey would be a better game if all striking from buttocks was someway eliminated.


Since hockey is a physical contact athletics, hurts are bound to go on. Federations like Hockey Development Canada are routinely making surveies analysing different factors of hockey hurts so that in the hereafter they can do recommendations on how to extinguish these. We can do hockey an even better game to play if all participants would be cognizant of each other and cut down on inexpensive shootings.