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Adms 4010

As an international student here in Canada, I don’t have a Canadian Experience. In my country I had the opportunity and the possibility to work as an Accountant-Bookkeeper in the electrical company – “A BI ESSE” Ltd.

In this report I want to describe the mission, vision, values and the organization structure and its environment. Furthermore to apply the concepts and knowledges I have learned in this course in a real business environment.

History and my role at “A BI E SSE Ltd” Company:

A BI ESSE Ltd is an Albanian – Italian company with 95% Albanian capital and 5% Italian. A BI ESSE Ltd started its activity in 1995. The main object of the company is importing, exporting, developing and innovation promotion, in all range of electrical materials. The company has relationship with more than 100 suppliers from the most serious in this industry, which is worth mentioning: BI ESSE ITALY, ICEL CAVI, BTICINO, LEGRAND, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, PHILIPS, OSRAM, DISANO, URMET, ZAMET, ARTEMIDE, etc.

Initially the company started with a rental store and now the company has four retail- stores in Tirana. In addition to their activity, A BI ESSE has also its own warehouse in Kosovo with residence in Pristina.

Furthermore the company offers service and support in the market with regard to the development of new technologies such as BMS (battery management system) and HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS.

As a bookkeeper I was responsible for preparation of monthly profit and lost statements, preparation of financial reports weekly / monthly about sales / expenses, divided by sector and managerial requests, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, Preparation of different payments by verifying the appropriate documentation and some day-to-day data entry for the organization.

Mission: “Provide our customers with the best products and services by sharing with them experience, integrity and loyalty”.

The organization aim begins with getting to know as much as possible about their customers and potential customers, their values, priorities, likes and dislikes. With this in mind, the multi-disciplinary and diverse team is able to deliver truly and relevant solutions that anticipate people’s needs, exceed their expectations and enhance the customers’ business success. Next, the other step of the company is to choose a competitive strategy to assist in meeting it’s clearly defined objectives and goals.

Vision: “Be focused to fulfill the people’s needs and desires with hard working and experience”.

The company’s vision helps the company express and deliver their long term goals and core values.

Value: “Quality, integrity, team spirit and employees rewards”.

A BI ESSE values are its quality, integrity, standards and customers which they believe will help the company and the employees succeed. For the company it’s very important the team spirit and group coordination which gives the company the real shape and direction.

A BI ESSE is also involved in some community-aid projects such as repair of kindergartens, lighting of roads with economical lamps, provision of free assistance to City-Hall related to electric-based projects, etc.

Every year a discrete portion of the earning profit goes to the orphans’ association.

Organization strategy: Based on Porter’s competitive Strategies, A BI ESSE company strategy stands for “differentiation strategy”. Based on the book definition, “differentiation strategy”, refers to the organization attempt to distinguish their products and services from others in the industry.