Advantages and Risks of Genetically Modified Food

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Advantages and Risks of Genetically Modified Food

Advantages and risks of genetically modified food

Genetically modified organisms have a very long story. Farmers modify crops in order to correspond to farming difficulties and consumers’ problems such as allergy and concerns. Genetically modified organisms is basically manipulated the genes of various plants and animals to create better plants or animals. That means that the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not happen naturally by matching and/or natural gene alteration. It seems good, however, is also true that there is a lot of concern and warning. It was only after examining the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified food that I decided that genetically modified food have many advantages but needs to be more carefully regulated.

There are two advantages of genetically modified foods. First of all, farmers can produce huge amount of nutritious foods. By manipulating, it is possible to make nutritious foods. In fact, consumers will be able to find several healthy foods compared to the ordinary crops. These foods will permit the consumers to manage their healthy diet more effectively since all of the crops that it can offer are one hundred percent nutritious and good for their health. Second of all, it gets much easier to produce larger amount and decrease using pesticides. If it is possible to make genetically modified crops stronger pest resistance, then farmers can produce doubled amounts of foods or crops easily. Moreover, genetically modified crops doesn’t need pesticides to achieve stronger protection and resistance against the different kinds of pests and insects that may destroy it because it is manipulated.

There are Disadvantages of genetically modified foods. First of all, it is not one hundred percent sure that genetically modified foods are safe. It contains several kinds of substances that are not yet proven safe for the environment. Such substances remain hidden to the public. That means it is not totally safe to eat. Scientific study shows that genetically modified foods have substances that are possible to cause illness and death to some kinds of species in this world. Second of all, genetically modified foods don’t taste natural, like the ordinary foods. Its unusual taste may be a result of the substances that were added in its composition.