Alexandra Franklin Case Study

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Alexandra Franklin Case Study

Case Study

Awtum Johnson

Bloomfield College



        I wrote this case study with the intentions of interviewing an individual who was schizophrenic. Working at multiple group homes and halfway houses for women with substance abuse, I have notice that schizophrenia is common disorder in rehabilitations program. But what about the people you see in the grocery store? What about the person who sits next to you on the bus? Schizophrenia is a disorder that does not discriminate. Most individuals who suffer from schizophrenia look like every day people one would come across. A loved one, family friend, or neighbors all could have or are predisposed to schizophrenia and do not know it. Here is the study of Alexandra Franklin.


        Alexandra Franklin is a young and thriving 20 year old female. She was born in Passaic County, New Jersey to parents who migrated from the Caribbean. She was raised by a single mother and her three siblings. She is the third child out of four.  She comes from middle to low class family, who sometimes struggles to make ends meet. She graduated from high school in 2015. Her current occupation is a sales associate at a retail department store. Her socioeconomic status would be classified as low class due to the longevity of living in poverty. She has never been married and does not have any children. Alexandra’s family and friends call her Alex for short. Alexandra is a timid and quiet person at first, but her family describes her as having a sunny personality with a big heart. She has a goal of being a beautician.

Family History

        Franklin did not know too much of her family history. Her father was not too active in her  life and neither was her father’s family. Her mother migrated from the Bahamas as a young adult leaving her family behind. Due to the lack of communication after her mother settled in the United States, her mother lost touch with her family. She mentioned that she has not asked her mother about her family history. Her reason for that choice was because she never really had an interest in her mother’s side, because she was satisfied with her immediate family. The possible etiology of her illness might be from genetics. Her father was once addicted to drugs. His misuse of drugs  in the past could have an effect on Franklin’s brain and psyche, which could be the reason why she is having this psychotic episodes. She is not sure if her father/mother and his side of the family has any history of mental illnesses or disorders.  Environmental factors could also play a role in Franklin’s illness.

        Being raised by an illegal immigrant mother, placed a lot of stress on her. Franklin and her siblings were living in a tough neighborhood in Paterson, NJ. She lived in poverty until her and her siblings were able to get jobs to support and contribute to the family. The stress of living in poverty along with living in a tough neighborhood could have triggered her episodes. One traumatic event she had undergone was when her family was evicted from their home. When she was eleven, she came to home to find her and her family’s belongings outside with the door chained. She was forced to stay with a range of family and friends until her mother found a place for her and her siblings. While staying at a family friend’s house, one of the people who were staying there  tried to molest her while her mother was at work. When her mother found out, they immediately left the house and went to stay with her older sister’s grandmother in Pennsylvania.