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American Politics

Laura Fernandez

POL 205 Writing Assignment #2

“By the public sphere we mean first of all a realm of our social life in which

something approaching public opinion can be formed. . . . Citizens behave as

a public body when they confer in an unrestricted fashion – that is, within

the guarantee of freedom of assembly and association and the freedom to

express and publish their opinions.”[1]

“In a democracy, people do not live in echo chambers or information cocoons. They see and hear a wide range of topics and ideas. They do so even if they did not, would not, choose to see and to hear those topics and those ideas in advance.”[2]We understand democracy as a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. It is a form of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges. Within this privileges we include the right of free association, the right of speech. “An association consists simply in the public assent which a number of individuals give certain doctrines; and in the engagement which they contract to promote the spread of those doctrines by their exertions.”[3]Therefore, we also include in this topic what we call “media” or “social media”, crystallized ultimately in the capability of expressing ourselves in a globalized sphere. Free access to media is nowadays, one of the main bases that a democracy should provide. Just because of the fact media means information itself. Unconfined tons of information floating all around the network. But is this information always accurate, genuine?