An Abused Freedom Essay Research Paper An

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An Abused Freedom Essay Research Paper An

An Abused Freedom Essay, Research Paper

An Abused Freedom

The Second Amendment, I believe, has been over-stretched and misrepresented by gun lobbyists such as the National Rifle Association ( NRA ) for old ages. They ever hide behind the Second Amendment stating that this freedom is what our state was built upon. In a recent article in Newsweek magazine, the executive frailty president of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, stated, the existent mark is the Second Amendment. I don t think it has anything to make with offense or halting force. I think the ultimate mark is to take away the freedom and take away the Second Amendment. The two ill-famed loopholes, that all but guarantee an person the speedy purchase of a pistol or semi-automatic rifle, are gun shows and single gross revenues ( the sale from one individual to another ) .

I believe that the populace should concentrate their onslaught at the National Rifle Association and toward the public gun shows where license or background cheques are non- being. The lone exclusion to that criterion is that an single must be 21 old ages old to buy a pistol and 18 old ages old to buy scatterguns and rifles ( other than big quality ) . It is pretty upsetting to cognize that the lone thing required for buying a pistol or rifle at a gun show is the purchaser s cogent evidence of age and the all-mighty American dollar. This leaves the door unfastened to everyone from the mentally ill down to the disgruntled immature adolescent that feels Thursday

at a gun will work out his or her jobs with the local high school toughs. Wayne LaPierre besides stated the states that have prohibitions, you can still acquire guns. If you ve got hard currency in your custodies, it s merely like drugs, the guns are at that place. It s the honest people who fill out the signifiers, abide by the paperwork, and have to populate with the prohibitions.

Another concern should be focused on single gross revenues, which is the taking supply line for teens between the ages of 15 and 18. Of class, gun lobbyists

are speedy to guarantee the American people that they support rough penalty for those persons who illicitly supply teens with guns to perpetrate offenses. However, penalty after the fact does non and can non warrant the offense when you consider that it should non hold happened in the first topographic point. I believe there is one manner to rectify this quandary & # 8211 ; to hold the original proprietors register their guns bi-annually with federal bureaus, every bit good as local governments. This would be really similar to the enrollment of one s vehicle.

After sing these loopholes within the 2nd amendment, it is no admiration that the United States murderous rate is higher than all the other prima states combined. The lone manner to diminish that statistic is to come together and contend to enforce rigorous ordinances on gun shows and the single sale of guns. When the Second Amendment was established, it was intended to protect one s freedom and support. It was non intended to take them off.