An Expierence of a Lifetime

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An Expierence of a Lifetime

An Experience Of a Lifetime

         The one thing that has changed me as a person, a human being, and as a spirit was my community service trip that I went on. Last December I went on this 9 day mission trip over winter break with my temple, to Mexico. So let me give you a little backstory on it. We flew into Mexico City and drove an hour to the city of Puebla and stayed there for the night. From there, we got on our bus and drove 4 hours up into the mountains to this little tiny village called Xiloxochico and Chicueyaco. This little "city" had a population of maybe 15. It was up deep into the Mexican jungle mountains and they're houses weren't just houses. These people built everything themselves by hand, with their homemade tools. You wouldn't believe the things they do to live an everyday life.

         The teenagers that i went with on the trip were around my age and were just like me. I had never met them before until now, but we all became family that very first day. We split into groups and worked for 5 straight days to help build a preschool and a playground. The smiling faces of the local people were a sight that I would never forget.

         Before embarking on this trip, I forgot to acknowledge the power of giving back, family, spirit, culture, but most importantly, faith. This experience was eye opening to me due to the fact that I witnessed the hardships of everyday life of these indigenous people. I was privileged to contribute in lending a helping hand to change the lives of these locals. The hard labor of tirelessly carrying heavy bamboo up and down a steep hill (that I did everyday) was worth it. The feeling of finally putting down that bamboo humbled me, and gave me the sense that even though I thought it was hard for me to do at the time, it's even harder for those who do not have the luxury of a decent preschool for their kids.