Animal Farm Essay Research Paper All communities

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Animal Farm Essay Research Paper All communities

Animal Farm Essay, Research Paper

All communities have the same, similar societal construction. The societal constructions on Earth have had the same general lineation since Creation to right now. If you stand back and expression, you can see that a authorities, vicinity, school or household all have the same general societal constructions. You can see that there is a head individual or group that controls the people that are under that individual or group. Due to our iniquitous nature, the people that are lower on the ladder about ever become covetous and Rebel against the people in power. You see this with citizens arising against the authorities, neighbours feuding with others, kids non desiring to listen to their parents or the lower category kicking that they do non hold the same rights. In the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell, we can associate Animal Farm s societal construction with any other 1. The groups or single characters in Animal Farm, resembles the & # 8220 ; chinks & # 8221 ; of friends or persons at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School by their position and attitudes that are revealed in this narrative. Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School and Animal Farm both have five major groups. Each group has different degrees of significance and personalities. The first group we will look at is the & # 8220 ; Popular Group, & # 8221 ; which is the caput of the full organic structure or population. This group effects and may command the population. The people in the & # 8220 ; Popular Group & # 8221 ; appoint themselves into this & # 8220 ; chink & # 8221 ; by the things that they do or by coercing themselves into that place. The 2nd group I will name the & # 8220 ; Used Group. & # 8221 ; Unfortunately, this & # 8220 ; chink

” thinks that they are in the “Popular Group, ” nevertheless, they are non. The “Popular Group” merely uses those in this “click” to acquire what they want. The “Middle Class” are those that do non hold any important consequence on the dominating “Popular Group” except for occasional cases. This group is ruled by the higher category and controls those that are lower in position. The “Lower Class” has nil to make but obey all orders, nevertheless, they foremost do non thirstily follow the orders. They are unable to guard off those that are above them in position. Finally the last group are the “Outcasts.” The members in this group are usually entirely, holding no friends and being looked down on by everyone.

The animate being and human relationship is indistinguishable to the pupil and instructor relationship. In Animal Farm, The defining of these & # 8220 ; chinks & # 8221 ; at KML has formed in the same mode as Animal Farm s. When the pupils came to KML, they did non cognize where to suit. At that clip, future popular people were friends with future castawaies. Everyone knew that everyone was equal, merely as in Animal Farm when Snowball wrote, & # 8220 ; All animate beings are equal & # 8221 ; as a commandment. Soon certain pupils didn Ts like being equal and stood above the remainder by coercing themselves above others or by making things to stand out. Those pupils were considered to be in the & # 8220 ; Popular Group. & # 8221 ; As old ages went by from all & # 8220 ; pupils being equal & # 8221 ; things changed. Peoples were filtrating themselves into chinks. Some of these people perchance being in more than one group. As you look upon the category of 99 at KML, you can see the same consequences of what happened in Animal Farm.