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Animal Farm Essay Research Paper Revolution FarmGeorge

Animal Farm Essay, Research Paper

Revolution Farm

George Orwell & # 8217 ; s novel Animal Farm does an first-class occupation of pulling

analogues from the Russian Revolution of 1917. Animal Farm is a sarcasm that uses its characters to typify leaders of the Russian Revolution. The animate beings of Manor Farm, the scene of this novel, which symbolizes Russia, overthrow their maestro after old ages of mistreatment. Led by the hogs, the farm animate beings continue to make their work, merely with more pride, cognizing that they are working for themselves, as opposed to working for their human maestro, Farmer Jones. Slowly over clip the hogs gain power and take advantage of the other animate beings. They gain so much power that they become merely as power hungry and pervert as their human maestro. The subject of the novel is Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts wholly. This is a good subject for the novel Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution because it proves that even the 1s you think you can swear are corrupted by the power they possess.

Old Major is a Sus scrofa who helps indicate out to the animate beings that no animate being in England is free. He continues to state the animate beings that everything they produce is stolen by adult male, who does non bring forth but merely consumes. The animate beings in return get near nil, merely plenty to maintain them off from famishment. Old Major gave many addresss to the farm animate beings about hope and the hereafter. He is the chief animate being who got the rebellion started even though he died before it really began. Old Major & # 8217 ; s function compares to Karl Marx whose thoughts sparked the Communist revolution. Like Old Major, Marx wrote essays and gave addresss to the working category hapless. The working category in Russia, as compared with the barnyard animate beings in Animal Farm, were a drudging category of people that received low rewards for their work. Old major tells the animate beings that the beginning of the job is adult male, and that they must subvert adult male to get rid of dictatorship and hungriness. Soon Old Major does decease, but the animate beings still retrieve everything he said. With the leading of the hogs, the smartest animate beings, they rebel against the human and derive complete control of the farm. This would typify the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Another analogue represented in the book is Farmer Jones. His character

is similar to the Czar Nicholas II who treated his people similar to how Farmer Jones treated his animate beings and was a hapless leader at best, compared to western male monarchs ( Animal Farm, ) . The carnal rebellion on the farm was started because Farmer Jones was a rummy who ne’er took attention of the

animate beings. This made them really angry so the animate beings decided to arise. Czar Nicholas II was a really weak adult male who treated his people similar to how Farmer Jones treated his animate beings.

The carnal Napoleon can be compared as a character stand foring Stalin in Russia. Both were really average looking, didn & # 8217 ; t speak really much but ever got what they wanted through force. In the book Animal Farm Napoleon had the Canis familiariss charge Snowball to derive complete control over the farm. Stalin became the Soviet Leader after the decease of Lenin. It was non until really many old ages subsequently that the universe found out about the many deceases that Stalin created in Russia during the Revolution.

Another strong analogue would is the character of Snowball with the

Russian leader Trotsky. Snowball was really enthusiastic and was a leader

who organized the defence of the farm. He gave addresss and instructions

but was non really good. All the other animate beings liked him, but he was

outsmarted by Napoleon. An illustration of this is Leon Trotsky was one of the

chief leaders of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ( USSR ) authorities until ousted and exiled by his archrival, Joseph Stalin ( Trotsky, Encarta ) . Trotsky and Stalin’s relationship was really much like Snowball’s and Napoleons. Trotsky organized the Red Army and gave addresss and everyone in Russia thought he would win power over Stalin. After Lenin’s decease Trotsky lost all his power to Stalin and was expelled from the Communist party.

Propaganda is another point that was used in the Russian revolution. It can be compared to Squealer in Animal Farm. Squealer brainwashed the barnyard animate beings into believing that they did non like apples and milk, while he and Napoleon were stealing the nutrient for themselves. In Russia, the media carried out propaganda on the people by seting narratives in the newspapers that were non true.

Events in the novel were besides really good paralleled to the Russian Revolution. Such as when Napoleon orders animate beings to squeal to offenses that they have non committed. Untold 1000000s of party, industry, and military leaders disappeared during the Great Terror ( Stalin, Joseph, Encarta ) . The Great Panic was when Stalin installed fright into the Black Marias of his challengers and the remainder of the state. He arrested, killed and sent people off to concentration cantonments with much aid from his KGB.

Another point that is similar in both Animal Farm and Russia are the Canis familiariss and the KGB. Napoleon trained his Canis familiariss when they were puppies to guard him and to obey his every bid. They chased Snowball off much like how Stalin exiled Trotsky out of USSR and was subsequently killed by a Stalinist agent. Stalin trained his secret constabulary to make his command whenever he issued an order. This analogues to when Napoleon kills animate beings for making nil but are forced to acknowledge to interrupting one of the seven commandments. Trotsky and the & # 8220 ; adult male of steel, & # 8221 ; Stalin jockeyed for power. ( Russian Rev. , )

Boxer was the work Equus caballus on the farm and did his best for whoever led the farm. His slogan Napoleon is ever right, showed that he trusted and respected his leader to the point when he died. This is dry because when Boxer got hurt Napoleon sent him off to be made into gum. Boxer can be compared to the working category in Russia who worked difficult throughout the Russian Revolution despite the difficult working conditions.

The merely good character in Animal Farm is named Benjamin because he is one of the lone animate beings that didn t believe in Animalism. Benjamin knew that life would ever travel the same and that is, severely. Benjamin was like all the sceptics in Russia who thought the revolution wouldn T alteration anything. They were besides the 1s who remembered how life used to be before the revolution.

Another of import character in the novel is Moses the Corvus corax. Moses is used foremost by Mr. Jones and so by Napoleon to take the animate beings heads off their work. He talked of a topographic point called Sugarcandy Mountain where it was Sunday seven yearss a hebdomad. Moses is like the Church in Russia that seemed to be used for political power and to give people a ground to work hard.

In decision George Orwell magnificently portrayed the Russian Revolution by utilizing animate beings and symbolism to acquire his point across. I believe the novel had two major points. The first being communism doesn T work, and the 2nd being power corrupts but absolute power corrupts wholly. I found it diverting how George compared Russian politicians to hogs.

& # 8220 ; The animals outside looked from hog to adult male, and from adult male to pig, and from hog to adult male once more ; but already it was impossible to state which was which. & # 8221 ; ( ch. Ten, Animal Farm ) & # 8220 ; None of you has of all time seen a dead donkey. & # 8221 ;