Antivirus Is Protective Software Computer Science Essay

Antivirus is protective package designed for protecting your computing machines system & A ; smart cell phones against Virus, Trojans & A ; Hijackers etc. These all Viruss, Trojans & A ; Win32 etc are called Malicious Software in computing machine universe. All Antivirus package tally in the background at all times to protect & amp ; defence your computing machines system & A ; smart cell phones & A ; some antivirus are automatically updated through cyberspace & A ; some antivirus are needs manual updated through cyberspace to protect your systems against Malicious package.


Antivirus package provides an many indispensable bed for battalion of the Virus, win32, Trojans & A ; worm etc. The first papers remotion of the computing machine viruses was written by “ Bernd Fix ” . There are two types antivirus application in the computing machine universe so that the clip of the “ Atari ST ” platform designed in ‘1987 ‘ & A ; the first 1 was “ G Data ” & amp ; second was “ UVK 2000 ” made by “ Bernd Fix ” in ‘1987’.The word ‘Antivirus ‘ is come from the word “ Antibiotic ” which means implies combat with an occupying force of the plans. “ Fred Cohen ” designed the schemes relative to an Antivirus package & A ; plan in ‘1988 ‘ to work out the virus jobs. The old & A ; previews old ages Antivirus package are non so good because those package merely detected the Virus & A ; Spyware etc & A ; take it from your computing machines system & A ; damage your some operating system files indoors your computing machines & As ; now AntiVirus package much better than old 1s because it detected the virus & A ; take it without canceling your operating system files indoors your computing machines & A ; it besides fight against new malicious package which come from cyberspace web. Well in the prevue old ages Antivirus package are non wholly free downloadable on the cyberspace means you could merely happen some antivirus package with test version & A ; now Antivirus package are wholly free download without test version. New Antivirus besides checked the entrance & A ; surpassing mail, email fond regards etc. It besides have internet security for cyberspace menaces.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Antivirus package is really utile in the preventing, commanding, virus & A ; many more viruses plan, which can damage the computing machines constituents from inside & A ; runing system files to.

Antivirus package are used for the methodological analysiss for seeking killing Viruses & A ; some of the well knows forms of computing machine informations & A ; plans.

Antivirus plans are really effectual against the viruses plan, whose is the biggest menace for your computing machine systems.

Antivirus plan has some restrictions & A ; drawbacks on the other manus, which consequence on the computing machine system public presentation.

In the computing machine universe, inexperient users can hold many jobs with the antivirus plans or package such as inabilities to understand, menaces of the package & A ; success of the antivirus plans & A ; package are dependent on the ability of the user to understand Or cognizing the right sort of balance between the positives & A ; negatives things in the computing machine universe.

Antivirus package or plans can do jobs during the installing window in the computing machine system or upgrade the Windows Service battalions in the computing machine system.

Antivirus package can be hampered some few package plans because it used it ain firewall to barricade application to hive away in the computing machine system. e.g. True Crypt.

Some Antivirus plan will non cognize by the policy appraisal before make it ain policy when it put in in the computing machine system.

There are three major types of sensing which is used to place the possible menaces in the computing machine system such as: Signature based, Heuristic based & amp ; File emulation method.

Signature based sensing:

In this method, you can place the viruses & A ; malware virus package. Antivirus package can besides compare the content files of the computing machine system to dictionary files of virus signatures because viruses are embed into themselves in the files form or in pieces form to infect the computing machines.

Heuristic based sensing:

In this method, you can merely observe malicious activity relative to viruses & A ; place unknown viruses in the computing machine system.

File emulation:

In this method, it has utilizing the heuristic type attack which it put to deathing the plan in a practical environment & A ; which consequence the action of the plan performs & A ; it besides carries out the disinfection actions relative to the plans which run in the computing machine.

What is a Virus?

Viruss are the class of malicious plan codification & A ; package, viruses are used for attempted to transgress security value & A ; interrupt them & A ; harm informations of the computing machine system & A ; display unwelcome messages on the show screen & A ; when the antivirus plan for gabbing user watchwords on a webs are called “ LOGIN.EXE ” . These existent “ LOGIN.EXE ” plans which have interloper or infect the user plans are called “ Trojan Horses ” & amp ; when viruses plan autumn into the Trojans class than these viruses plan have the ability to reproduce themselves once more & amp ; once more until user ‘s computing machine systems slow down public presentation & A ; treating to any application & A ; it infected the your operating system


Why Do Viruss Exist?

Now-a-days every computing machine virus plans are written by person who wanted it to infect & amp ; damage other people ‘s computing machine systems & A ; smart cell phones our universe. So these Viruses plan coding base on balls from computing machine to other computing machines system & A ; these viruses may be non hold direct consequence on the some computing machines but it affects on the other resources like ( Disk infinite & A ; Memory ) that ‘s why these viruses are harmful & A ; it coding are really complex & A ; it besides contain some serious bugs which amendss the computing machine system reasonably severely.

How do I know if I have a virus & A ; want to protect my computing machine systems?

If the person computing machine systems are really running slower, stop deading it & amp ; exposing mistake messages once more & amp ; once more than you should hold the viruses in yours computing machines or runing system than u must put in Antivirus package & A ; scan your computing machine system with latest cyberspace updated of the Antivirus plans security to unclutter your computing machine with viruses.

How did I acquire this atrocious viruses on my computing machine system or operating system?

Computer systems can be infected by viruses because:

User utilizing the Internet without holding the latest updates of the Antivirus plans security installed into your operating system.

User utilizing the Internet without holding a working firewall on the operating system or Antivirus package.

User who opening the electronic mail fond regards without cognizing that who ‘s will direct him or her.

User sing undependable web site pages than viruses automatically stored into your computing machine because these website pages contains the septic viruses plans.

How do I acquire rid of the virus?

To acquire rid of the Viruses you should used latest Antivirus package or latest Antivirus plan security updates & A ; now-a-days many new Antivirus package are able on the Internet free cost with one yeas updates free e.g. Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus & A ; Kaspersky Antivirus etc.

What are types of Virus in the computing machine universe?

There are several types of viruses in the universe which your computing machines & A ; your operating systems for illustrations: Worms, Trojan horses, Logic bombs, Mutated viruses, Polymorphic viruses, Bounty huntsmans, Boot sector viruses & A ; Macro viruses etc.


Worms Viruss are used to distribute over a web of the cyberspace & A ; hacks the computing machine system or operating system which connects with cyberspace webs.

Trojan Equus caballuss:

Dardans viruses are used to make a security hole in the computing machine plans or runing system & A ; infected the system files indoors.

Logic bombs:

Logic bombs viruses are used to trip the specific event means computing machine systems day of the month & A ; plans of distant activation etc.

Mutated viruses:

Mutated viruses are used to rewritten by hacker users to alter the behaviour or signature of the plans & A ; made the multiple versions of the same viruses that infected the computing machine plans or runing system. So these viruses are besides called discrepancies.

Polymorphous viruses:

Viruss which are used to automatically alter their visual aspect, like a chameleon by giving the virus a signature of the plans in encrypt-decrypt map so virus can merely be acknowledge its ain signature of the plan. This sort of virus is called Polymorphous viruses.

Bounty huntsmans:

Bounty huntsmans viruses are used to modify signature plan stored by Antivirus plan in order to render them inoperable in the operating system.

Boot sector viruses:

A boot sector viruses are used to infecting the boot sector of a difficult thrust of the computing machine system. ( merely like MBR “ Master boot record ” ) & A ; it besides have infected the velocity of the processer.

Macro viruses:

Viruss which came from electronic mail, email fond regards etc to damage the operating system or chop the computing machine system


What is Firewall & A ; Spyware?


Firewall is package or plan which have security tool to assist restrict internet web traffic with hackers or viruses to acquiring in your computing machine system. Firewall helped & A ; protects your computing machine from future hackers & A ; new entrance viruses.


Spyware are used to a battalion of malicious package plans which entree your computing machine system. When Spyware viruses infect your computing machine system or operating system than it will decelerate down your operating system velocity & A ; public presentation & A ; your computing machine system traveling to hang once more & amp ; once more.

Issues relative with the Antivirus package:

Unexpected reclamation costs:

Some of the commercial antivirus package which includes end-user licence understandings which consequence on the subscription automatically & A ; renewed it, cost so much which you non expected.

False positives:

Antivirus package can used to place non-malicious files which holding the viruses so that it will be cause serious jobs for the computing machine system because false positive brand operating system files really unstable because of the viruses.

System & A ; interoperability related issues:

When the multiple antivirus plans running on the computing machine or operating system than it will degrade the public presentation of the operating system & A ; create struggles in every plans running on the operating system. So this construct is called Multiscanning & A ; If the functionality of the few package plans can be hampered by the active antivirus package on the operating system.


The effectivity of antivirus plans have been decreased in the prevues twelvemonth because of new & A ; good Antivirus package launch on the markets & A ; computing machine menace traveling dropped from 40-50 % to 20-30 % in this prevue twelvemonth.


Rootkits are major challenge for antivirus plans on the operating system & A ; it had admin country entree to the system to command, unseeable & A ; hidden the EXE from the running procedures of the undertaking director on the computing machine system.

What is Cloud antivirus method?

Cloud antivirus method is a engineering that used the lightweight agent package to protect the computing machine system or operating system & A ; it besides used for analysis the information with supplier ‘s substructure. To implement this Cloud antivirus method we used the multiple antivirus engines which scanning leery files from the operating system & A ; this construct is called Cloud AV. Cloud AV was designed to direct plans on the cyberspace web where sensing plans are used to better the sensing rates with multiple antivirus behavioral on the cyberspace web.

On-line Scanning:

Some of the Antivirus provides maintain of web sites with free online scanning on the cyberspace with the full computing machine such as like local discs, critical country & A ; files relative to the computing machine systems. Well as you know that cyberspace becomes the vehicle for communicating in this universe & A ; people utilizing digital communicating on the cyberspace with really fast velocity & A ; scope so that new sorts of viruses are increasing & A ; spread all over the universe of the cyberspace web. If person will non desire to put in antivirus on his or her computing machine than he or she can easy scan his or her computing machine online this is rapidly & amp ; possible solution.

What do u agencies by the birth rate & A ; decease rate of the viruses?

The Birth rate of the viruses:

The birth rate of the viruses depends upon the one infected computing machine system or operating system which can distribute this infection to other computing machine system or operating system.

The Death rate of the viruses:

The decease rates of the viruses depend upon the infection found on the computing machine system or operating system & A ; destroy that computing machine system.

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