Arabs and Western Culture

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Arabs and Western Culture

QN.7)> Arabs and western culture are like two sides of coin, which means they are totally opposite to each other.

Arabs are moreover bounded in a boundry  of traditions but the westerns are like free bird. Thus they contrast each other.

So does in friendship it can be clearly figured out there differences. Here are few differencens:  


                        For  arabs friendship means a supportive character in there life but for Americans it just fur fun and enjoyment. Arabs takes friendship more seriously than Americans. Arabs wants friends to be trustworthy.

(ii)Way of making friends:

                                              Arabs makes friends  only after knowing the background of the people but Americans try to befriendly with every single person they meet. Arabs makes sure about the family the person belongs is a respected one but Americans don’t go that deep at all.

(iii)Way of communicating:

                                                Arabs try to communicate with decency but the distance between two person is too less. Where as Americans communicate informally but the distance between two person is far.

(iv)Visiting patterns:

                                     In friendship Arabs consider the friends as a family thus they visit each other frequently  but it is not same with westerns. Westerns just maintains friends as a friend and they rarely visit each other.


QN.1)>In the chapter, American values & assumption Garry Althen uses examples to prove his idea of American culture. She uses it to shoe reader how American people live, which culture they have grown up & how they adjust to there culture.

In the examples in the chapter first one is of mother and child where child want    to buy one thing but he does not have enough money in his pocket. Thus, here the child mother says baby let it go this time you save money next time and get it. Thus, this example shows the individualism in American culture. It clearly that how Americans grow up being individualistic in nature from the childhood.

Likewise other example are on privacy  where writers tries to make it clearly that  Americans always wants some privacy either it is child or a old lady.Thus, Americans tries to maintain privacy.

Along with it the example is also made on Time; Here writer says for americans time is money. They respect time and work according to it. They believe in “Time & tide waits for none”. They are “time bounded”.

The writer has also given example on the future. According to others Americans always think of future they don’t want to rejoice there past. To prove this they even sent person to the moon.

Athen also talk on the topic how Americans belive in equlity. Americans belive that each persons should betreated equally as all people are born with equal right.