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Article Argument Sample


In the article, the author concluded that…(????); to support the conclusion, he gave out that …(????). Although the idea sound persuasive, the argument suffers from several flaws below.

First,     Thus author cannot contribute XXX to the XXX

Second, author further guaranteed that(??),By citing this, the author attempted to mislead us to believe that… However, the assumption could be undermined if … (Eg:more premise)

Third, even if the two factors mentioned above are clarified, there is also alternative concern.

In conclusion, the argument is far from convincing based on its current structure and content.  To better evaluate the argument, the author should provide us further interpretation in detailed information about.

16. The following appeared as part of an article in the education section of a Waymarsh city newspaper: “Throughout the last two decades, those who earned graduate degrees found it very difficult to get jobs teaching their academic specialties at the college level. Those with graduate degrees from Waymarsh University had an especially hard time finding such jobs. But better times are coming in the next decade for all academic job seekers, including those from Waymarsh. Demographic trends indicate that an increasing number of people will be reaching college age over the next 10 years; consequently, we can. expect that the job market will improve dramatically for people seeking college-level teaching positions in their fields.”

In the article the author concluded that, the difficult finding academic specialties job situation will be better for the next ten years. He gives out the reason that, there will be increasing number of people reaching college age so the more teaching positions will be available in their fields. Although the idea sounds persuasive, the argument suffers from several flaws.

First, the author concluded that increasing number of people will be reaching college age over the next 10 years. However, we cannot say that the people who reach the college age will go to the college. Hence, the number of students enrolled into the college probably won’t increase. For example, more and more students cannot determine what majors they want to study, or they want to earn some society experience first, so they choose to delay the regular study schedule or decide do not enter college. Thus, author cannot contribute the increasing number of people to increasing students into the college.