Bug Report Leptospirosis Essay Research Paper Bug

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Bug Report Leptospirosis Essay Research Paper Bug

Bug Report Leptospirosis Essay, Research Paper

Bug Report

My bug was the Leptospira interrogans which causes Leptopspirosis.

Some of the common names of this bug are Weil & # 8217 ; s Disease, Mud Fever, Fort Bragg febrility,

and Swamp Fever.

This peculiar bug will attest in the kidney and in the liver. It can in its most terrible signifier cause kidney failure, bosom failure, and daze. This bacterium, L.interrogans, multiplies inside of the variety meats, by and large it is in the kidney, liver, CNS. L. interrogans is usually a zoonotic disease, and is found normally in Canis familiariss, cowss, and swine. It is by and large transmitted through contact of the septic piss. Since the L. interrogans is shed in the piss, it is easy for cattle pens, H2O supplies, and etc. to be easy contaminated. Many times Leptospirosis is caused from contaminated H2O, seeds from bulls, and contaminated provender.

The form of the L. interrogans is a coiling one. It is flexible with aquiline terminals that make it look really similar to a inquiry grade. It besides has internal scourge. The size is around 5um.

The gm discoloration reaction of L. interrogans is gram negative. To stain this bacterium you must utilize a comparatively new staining technique termed immunofluorescence which uses a ultraviolet visible radiation to place its staining. You can besides utilize an older technique that is really clip consuming, which is silver staining.

There are merely a few diseases caused by L. interrogans. These are Weil & # 8217 ; s Disease, a terrible signifier of swamp fever. And of class there is Leptospirosis. These are diseases in which kidney and liver failure is really common. Both can do icterus, and cardiovascular prostration. Both have symptoms like the grippe. They can do febrility, iciness, terrible concern, and meningitis in worlds. L. interrogans enter the human organic structure through broken tegument and mucous membrane. It is by and large found in excreted piss from those septic animate beings.

This bacterium is in no manner apart of the human organic structures normal vegetations.

It is a foreign substance that is timeserving, but non related to the & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; vegetations.

L.interrogans can non turn in temperatures transcending 36 grades Celsius. If it is frozen or dried it rapidly kills the bacterium. However it can turn up to six months in moist and warm conditions, such as swamps and etc.

L.interrogans is non used for any familial technology, I

n my resources. However it does kill cattle, and can do abortions in cowss.

This bacterium by and large has no human reservoir. However, this being a Zoonosis,

it has several carnal reservoirs. These include cowss, swine, Canis familiariss, and rats.

Infected swine have known to go through this being for up to 2 old ages in their piss.

The portal of issue from the human organic structure is like that of the animate beings. It is passed in the piss of worlds, since it infects the kidneys and liver, this is merely natural.

L.interrogans is non involved in any nosocomial infections. It is seldom of all time transmitted from human to human, and the lone manner it could be transmitted is if a puddle of piss is left around. But in my resources I found no instances of nosocmial infections.

The mechanism of tissue harm by L. interrogans is unknown. Host opposition is responsible by serum antibodies.

L. interrogans is cleared in the human organic structure by the blood and most tissue let it to unclutter besides.

There are several antibiotics that are effectual against L. interrogans and Leptospirosis. These are penicillin G, streptomycin, Achromycin, and Vibramycin.

Most of the drugs are intracellular in their mechanism of action.

Some other of import facts are: there is no human vaccinum avaliable.

The disease is self-limiting. Its incubation period is one to two hebdomads. During this period it is frequently difficult to differintiate Leptospirosis from the grippe. Many of the symptoms are similar. There are about 50 instances per twelvemonth of Leptospirosis. And it is an obligate anerobe.

Equally far as control of this bacterium goes, carnal vaccienes are avaliable and obliteration of gnawers is essintial. Alberta Canada has legeslation to guarantee inoculation of animate beings so at that place will non be an eruption of this bacterium. Besides low lying countries such as swamps should be drained to kill the being.

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