Burdens Of Poverty Essay Research Paper Burdens

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Burdens Of Poverty Essay Research Paper Burdens

Burdens Of Poverty Essay, Research Paper

Burdens of Poverty

In the short narrative? The Sky is Gray? , Ernest J. Gaines shows the battles, inflicted by poorness, in an eight-year-old boys life. This hapless, Negro male child, James, lives with his female parent and five other relations while his male parent is off. The fact that his male parent is gone to war, his female parent is a really proud adult female, and James? non desiring to be a fiscal load on his female parent, all take a toll in doing James? life tougher.

James? male parent is drafted into the early portion of World War 2. This leaves James? female parent to raise the kids and back up the full household. In consequence the household has really small money. The household doesn? t own a auto and hardly has money to sit the coach to town.

At times it seems as if James is hungering. His apparels wear? t even maintain him warm in the cold. Timess are difficult for the household when James? male parent is off.

James? female parent, Octavia, is a really proud adult female. Her pride has an consequence on James? life. She does non accept any signifier of charity. An old adult female offers Octavia and James some nutrient, but Octavia declines the offer until James does some jobs for the adult female. James had to work alternatively of acquiring a free repast because his female parent would non allow him accept charity. Octavia tried to buy some salt meat from the old adult female but makes the adult female cut the offered ball of meat in half because Octavia thinks the part of meat that the adult female offers is an act of

charity on the old adult female? s behalf.

Taking the part of meat that the adult female offered would hold saved the household some money. Another illustration of how Octavia? s pride costs the household money occurs in the caf & # 233 ; . Octavia and James are walking in the cold waiting on James to travel to the tooth doctor. They step into the caf & # 233 ; to warm up. Octavia feels that she is obligated to do a purchase at the caf & # 233 ; because she is utilizing their heat. This puts a dent in the household? s fundss and makes life a little more unsmooth for James.

The concluding toll, inflicted by poorness, in James? life is the fact that James does non desire to be a fiscal load upon his female parent. James has a terrible odontalgia, but he does non state his female parent because he does non desire to problem her. This causes James much agony. Octavia tells James they are traveling to town to acquire his tooth fixed, but James tells her his tooth does non ache even though it is killing him. James is willing to walk alternatively of siting the coach to town in order to salvage money. He tells Octavia he is non hungry when he is hungering. James would instead endure than hold his female parent pass money on him because he knows they are hapless.

Poverty plays a large function in doing James? life tough. His male parent is gone to war, his female parent is a proud adult female, and James ne’er wants to be a fiscal load on the household. All the strivings James endure play a function in doing him a adult male. Poverty hinders James, but it does non interrupt him.