Bus 5112 Written Assignment

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Bus 5112 Written Assignment

BUS5112 Written Assignment

Unit 2: Customer Behavior

Chien Jin Chong

University of the People


Consumers are people who purchase goods and services from the market for their use. The product that I have selected is Google Home. It is a smart speaker with built-in Google Assistant.

What is the buyer behavior for Google Home?

Buyer behavior is systematic approach that consumers follow when making their choice of goods or services. It is the process that consumers adapt to purchase. Based on the Generational Cohorts (Winer, Marketing Management, p. 95), Millennials are tech-savvy and educated. They are born from 1982 to 2002 and likely to be early adopters of new technology. Google Home started in 2016 and considered as start of voice-controlled speakers. Below the possible buyer behaviors for choosing Google Home

  1. Product choice

Not many standalone voice-assisted speakers in the market in 2016. Usually, consumers are using voice-controlled using their smartphone such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

  1. Brand choice

In term of brands, competitors of Google includes Amazon and Sonos.

  1. Price

On the recent check on the price, Google has increased the price of Google Home from $79 to $129 per pc. Echo is selling at $99 per pc. In term of pricing, the competitors are selling much cheaper.

  1. Technology

With Google Home, the buyer is able to use Chromecast video.