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Business Plan Essay Research Paper Exotic food

Business Plan Essay, Research Paper

Exotic nutrient & A ; drink services

200 office park route

Beverly Hills, ca 90210


513-651-4301 ( facsimile )

October 12, 1999

Mr. Matthew Calloway

Eldorado Inn

Ciudad Bolivia, Venezuela


Dear Mr. Calloway:

I enjoyed speaking with you several yearss ago, about your hereafter concern retreat in the beautiful rain forest of Ciudad Bolivia. The employees of Exotic Foods believe your program for a retreat in the bosom of the rain forest is a fantastic thought, for those who love the out-of-doorss every bit much as our company does. Exotic Food & A ; Beverage Services is pleased to subject the undermentioned proposal sketching our program to implement a epicure, alien experience for your patronage.

Background & A ; Purpose

We understand that your Inn will be chiefly used as a concern retreat. We besides understand the activities that will be included are: utmost athleticss, ecological Tourss, and wilderness trails. With all of these activities in head, Exotic Foods would wish to supply your Inn with a dining experience that ties in the rain forest and & # 8220 ; outdoorsy & # 8221 ; subject. Our company can supply your Inn with an alien dining experience with delightful nutrients, tropical drinks, friendly service, and an ambiance that will do your patronages think they ne’er left the rain forest from their old daylight activities. It is really of import to our company that we provide merely the best service and freshest merchandises, and that is our promise to you today and for the entireness that our services are needed at the Inn.

Proposed Plan

On the footing of our experience in supplying alone dining experiences to many local and national Inn & # 8217 ; s, Exotic Food & A ; Beverage Services proposes the undermentioned program and sample bill of fares to you.

Plan. We will develop a dining country within the Inn that will be suited for an alien ambiance. The dining room will be bright and airy with a rainforest subject. Lighting will be bright colourss including blue, ruddy, xanthous, and chiefly green visible radiations with workss and alien flowers throughout the dining room. If possible we would wish to hold unrecorded birds ( in coops ) throughout the dining room as good. We will fix breakfast, tiffin, and dinner, different Continental subjects each twenty-four hours while still using the rain forest, tropical subject. We will besides hold appetisers and bites available throughout the twenty-four hours, located in the anteroom of the Inn.

Menus. This is merely a sample & # 8220 ; American Cuisine & # 8221 ; bill of fare, but maintain in head we will supply a bill of fare with a assortment of repasts clients can take from.


Buttermilk, wheat battercakes topped with warm, sweet Mangifera indica sirup. Served with a side of assorted tropical fruit including: Chinese gooseberry, Ananas comosus, Psidium littorale, and Mangifera indica.


Crab Calloway: snow pediculosis pubiss saut? erectile dysfunction to a aureate brown, garnished with roasted maize salsa and served on a pineapple beurre blanc.


Montego Bay Ceviche: runt, crenations and squid marinated in lemon, cardinal calcium hydroxide, olive oil, fresh basil and coriander. Served in a horn of plenty shaped tomato tortilla, garnished with mussels and retreat on a bed of assorted leafy vegetables toss

erectile dysfunction in a citrous fruit French dressing. For sweet, a decadent flourless layered Zebra Cake. A particular sweet of rich cocoa, butter pick, and white cocoa filled with cocoa pudding.

Featured Mixed Drinks ( alcoholic )

Mango Tango

Bailey-Banana Colada


Martini: Blue Lagoon

Singing Birds of Paradise


With your blessing, the undermentioned agenda has been arranged for your Alien dining country:

Decorating & A ; set uping dining room: October 20-31

Hiring staff: October 20-November 10

Buying necessary supplies: November 3-8

Forming kitchen: November 10-19

Training: November 10-24

Fixing bill of fares: November 20-22

Necessary nutrient homework: November 21-23

Ready to function: November 25


I have assigned Steve DeVries to kitchen director, who will be in charge of telling all of the nutrient and necessary supplies. He will besides supervise all the activities in the kitchen. Steve and I will work closely together, planing different bill of fares, making new formulas, and making the alien atmosphere. Steve received his culinary grade from Johnston & A ; Wales and has been my helper for four old ages. I have besides assigned Kim Jules to dining room director, who will be in charge of client service, pull offing all waiters and barmans. Kim received her unmarried man & # 8217 ; s grade in concern direction at The University of Virginia. Kim and I will work closely in the hiring procedure of waiters and barmans. All appliers will travel through a ( 3 ) individual interview procedure with Steve, Kim, and myself ; they must besides hold at least annual nutrient service experience. After appliers are hired they will travel through an extended two-week preparation period where they will larn processs and policies of the eating house.


We ask that a room be designated to a dining room equipped with tabular arraies, booths and chairs. We besides ask that a to the full ( equipment ) stocked kitchen be provided. We will order all necessary objects and ornaments necessary to change over the dining country into an alien Eden.

Decorations: $ 25,000


Angela Anderson, president $ 100,000/yr

Steve Devries, kitchen director $ 40,000/yr

Kim Jules, dining room director $ 40,000/yr

Waiters $ 5.75/hr +tips

Bartenders $ 6.00/hr+tips

Cooks $ 10.00/hr

Dishwashers $ 8.00/hr

Food ( per month ) : $ 10,000

Alcohol ( per month ) : $ 5,000


We are convinced, Mr. Calloway, that our professionally designed nutrient and drink service will heighten your attempts to implement an alien subject to your concern retreat Inn. Exotic Food & A ; Beverage Services can instantly get down making an alien dining experience your patronage will ne’er bury, by October 20. Please mark and return the enclosed extra transcript of this missive and return it to us with a consideration of $ 20,000. We look frontward to working with you and your hereafter Eldorado Inn.


Angela Anderson, president

Exotic Food & A ; Beverage Services