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What are you really selling to your first and best customer?

  • I am selling myself to my first and best customer. Them being my first customer I cannot sell them on my history or success because it will be starting with them. I am selling myself to make their lives easier. Whether it be with time management, needs/wants, or getting a job. I am not worried about the money at the end of the tunnel. I want to sell myself because I am going to be the person who will care for a client rather than looking at them like a money symbol.

What is your business’s biggest WOW to your first and best customer?

  • My biggest wow for my customers are the fact I care. Most everything I’ve read and understand about the business is that agents want clients to make money so they can make money. I am not that kind of person; I want to see the client succeed as a person while gaining fame and money along the way. Being a caring person allows me to get a more personal feel with my clients allowing us to be more open with each other. This is my wow because it is something I know not every agent has it nor cares for it.

Why do your first and best customers love you?

  • Caring. Plain and simple. Being more active in someone’s life allows you to be more in touch with one another. Being that I care about their person and not just caring for their money allows them to believe in me more and lets them love me because no matter what I will always do whatever is in my power to help them achieve what they want. You can only love someone is they have the same feelings for you in my opinion and with the love I bring to my clients it will be hard not to love me back.

Describe the single most important BENEFIT you provide that will make your first and best customer excited about giving you money?

  •  As a manager, a benefit I could provide would be my connections. By the time I have clients I will have made myself known to as many contacts as possible. I am very outgoing, enough to strike u conversation with a complete stranger and get them to open up to me. I seem to have a very likable person allowing me to make more contacts. Having connections leads to everything from jobs, parties, people, everything. I was always taught growing up it isn’t about what you know it’s about who you know. Connections can line up someone’s life and change it forever, so my biggest benefit I can provide are my connections.

What would your customer lose if they don’t do business with you?

  • If my customer chose not to work with me they would be losing everything I have to offer. They would lose a loyal caring person who is interested in their well-being more than a paycheck. They would lose a friend that is willing to suffer through the hard times with them and do their dirty work to make life easier in their profession. They lose they extra push when something gets them down or takes a turn for the worst. They lose everything a manager is when they don’t do business with me.