Can Destiny Be Avoided Essay Research Paper

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Can Destiny Be Avoided Essay Research Paper

Can Destiny Be Avoided? Essay, Research Paper

Can destiny be avoided?

Many struggles occur in day-to-day society: between two people, among groups of people, and sometimes between people and their fate. The most interesting facet of Oedipus Rex is the struggles it contains throughout the drama: ? Oedipus Rex is a calamity of fate? ( Dodds 17 ) . There are many struggles that occur in the drama Oedipus Rex ; the three most important occur between Laius and Jocaste and the Gods, between Oedipus and his fate, and eventually between good and evil.

Oedipus Rex presents many struggles, but the first occurs between Laius and Jocaste and the Gods. Laius and Jocaste disobey the Gods by get marrieding one another. The consequence of the noncompliance leads to a kid who subsequently kills his male parent and marries his female parent. After the kid is born, Laius and Jocaste, King and Queen of Thebes, give the three-day-old baby to a shepherd and instructs the shepherd to kill the kid. This is an effort to avoid the expletive that is pronounced on them by the Gods. Sigmund Freud states that the calamity? lies in the contrast between the supreme will of the Gods and the vain efforts of world to get away the immorality that threatens them? ( 102 ) . By set uping for the kid? s decease, Laius and Jocaste hope that the

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struggle between them and the Gods will vanish. The shepherd feels commiseration for the babe and gives it to another

shepherd in hopes that he will take the kid to a distant land. The kid is given to King Polybus and Queen Merope of Corinth, and they name him Oedipus.

The 2nd struggle occurs when Oedipus discovers his fate. He learns from the Delphic prophet that his fate is to kill his male parent and get married his female parent. Oedipus does non desire this to go on ; ? like his existent male parent, Laius, Oedipus attempted to avoid his destiny? ( Feder 295 ) . Oedipus does non cognize that King Polybus is non his existent male parent, so he leaves Corinth to avoid his fate. On the journey taking off from the metropolis

of Corinth, Oedipus comes to a topographic point where three roads meet and is ordered off the route by a adult male who he does non cognize is King Laius, his existent male parent. They exchange words, and Oedipus kills the adult male in a sudden wrangle. Oedipus continues to go down the route where he encounters the sphinx, which is terrorising Thebes and putting to deaths anyone who fails to reply her conundrum right. ? Oedipus answered the conundrum right? ( 1087 ) . As a wages, he is named King of Thebes and replaces King Laius and is given the manus of Jocaste in matrimony. The slaying of King Laius

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and the matrimony of Jocaste fulfills Oedipus? fate without his consciousness.

The 3rd struggle is between good and evil. A pestilence breaks out within the metropolis of Thebes and will non discontinue until the liquidator of King Laius is found. Oedipus thinks that he is making good by seeking to happen the liquidator, but little does he cognize that evil prevarications within him and that he is the liquidator. Oedipus does non cognize that the adult male he killed on the route was King Laius. In Classical Drama, Hathorn provinces? The male monarch is shown that he himself is both the job and the reply? ( 238 ) . Oedipus is the job because he caused pestilence by slaying King Laius. He is besides the solution ; because in his hunt for the slayer, he discovers that he is the liquidator. Knox provinces, ? The calamity consists of Oedipus? acknowledgment of his true individuality? ( 31 ) . Oedipus realizes that the Gods do non command evil, but evil prevarications within humanity.

In drumhead, the narrative of Oedipus Rex teaches that the Gods have the power of precognition of one? s fate. When one disobeys the Gods, the consequence ever ends in calamity. Make to Laius and Jocaste disobeying the Gods and acquiring married, they finally give birth to a kid whose fate is to kill his male parent and get married his female parent. Through a set of eccentric fortunes, Oedipus does so slay his ain

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male parent and get married his female parent. The Gods do non command evil, but evil is present in all humanity.