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Catcher In The Rye 2 Essay Research

Catcher In The Rye 2 Essay, Research Paper

In The Catcher In The Rye Salinger portrays the chief character Holden Caulfield as a defender of artlessness which is shown through his protection of kids, giving up his ain artlessness to assist others, and his disgust of the graffito on the walls. Holden is a really strong minded person and is really unfastened about the manner he feels about things. Although it does non look that he is the & # 8220 ; defender of artlessness & # 8221 ; at foremost, as the narrative progresses he begins to cast more of his ain artlessness to impact those around him.

The chief manner Holden wants to be a defender is to maintain kids from turning up and going hypocrite and corrupt as he feels most adults become. Some would believe that Holden has become obsessed with his sister even if he merely wants to protect her. Holden does non desire her to alter. Certain things they should remain the manner they are. You ought to be able to lodge them in one of those large glass instances and merely go forth them entirely. I know that & # 8217 ; s impossible but it & # 8217 ; s excessively bad anyhow. Anyway, I kept believing about all that while I walked.

Holden & # 8217 ; s sister, Phoebe, is his connexion to kids. Holden believes all kids are like her and that they are much more superior than grownups. When an grownup does something that is slightly unnatural, Holden finds this a gross outing show of what people become as they get older Holden would wish to maintain Phoebe a kid because he is troubled by the differences he sees between kids and grownups, both in their physical visual aspects and in their personalities. Holden finds kids physically acceptable under any status, but non grownups. Holden so has a dream to go a & # 8220 ; catcher & # 8221 ; and salvage all the kids who may fall. Holden & # 8217 ; s wish to go this backstop begins to impel him through his novel and in the terminal gives him a intent to even go on populating. Since the beginning of the fresh Holden ne’er truly expresses any liking for anything in the universe except his sister. When he begins to believe about his sister and all of the things she is traveling through he begins to experience a intent and. To a individual who ne’er felt like his life had any way and gave him something to concentrate on. Holden expresses his want of going a backstop in a quiet address to himself:

I keep visualizing all these small childs playing some game in this large field of rye and all. Thousands of small childs, and cipher large. I mean except me. And I & # 8217 ; m standing on the border of some brainsick drop. What I have to make, I have to catch everybody if they start to travel over the drop I mean if they & # 8217 ; re running and they don & # 8217 ; t look where they & # 8217 ; re traveling I have to come out from someplace and catch them. That & # 8217 ; s all I & # 8217 ; d do all twenty-four hours. I & # 8217 ; d merely be the backstop in the rye and all. ( 179 ) From this quotation mark it is rather obvious that Holden is losing sight of world and that he is going more unstable. But, since the beginning of the narrative he has the attitude of dislike towards everything like when he refers to his friends English assignment & # 8221 ; he asked me if I & # 8217 ; d written his goddam composing for him. I told him it was on the goddam bed. & # 8221 ; ( 40 ) He still complains, but non as much now that he begins believing about his sister. Throughout the narrative, Holden frequently remarks on something that he does non believe is cool to him. He would non mention to it as that, but the reader may acquire the feeling as he refers to things that are unfair or selfish as being & # 8220 ; phony & # 8221 ; ( 79 ) . When of all time person does something that he merely does non kick like he calls it hypocrite. This is a show of his protection of artlessness obviously because this is one illustration of something that he has ever done. It has non occurred because of his privation to go a & # 8220 ; catcher & # 8221 ; . Holden merely feels the outside universe is bogus and does non desire his sister corrupted by them.

Holden would wish to maintain kids every bit guiltless as he can, he believes that he has already lost his artlessness and finally gives up his ain to assist the other kids. Holden would travel through his clip in New York non concentrating on anything specific. He merely went at that place to hold merriment and go through the clip. After his & # 8220 ; catching & # 8221 ; dream he goes through assorted stages where he begins to alter, and his artlessness begins to be stripped so that he is more able to help those he must catch. He seems to believe that he does non hold any artlessness during his journey, but the thing is he is still much like a kid he is in some little ways. This truly involvements him because that is what he wanted to be like. Holden does non recognize that he still has some of his artlessness until he has already begun to cast his artlessness. Warren Gallic explains:

Holden & # 8217 ; s desi

rhenium to be a “catcher in the rye, ” who would stand at the terminal of “some brainsick cliff” and maintain the childs who are running around the field without paying any attending to where they are traveling from falling over the border, therefore leting them to stay everlastingly playing some unworried game.

This is when Holden begins to fall farther from what is really go oning around him. It would be difficult for the reader to separate whether or non Holden has eventually given up what he has to make to go this & # 8220 ; backstop in the rye & # 8221 ; , or if he merely does non care because of his feelings of humbleness in his ain life. These things together or separate brand Holden eventually make up one’s mind what he is traveling to make. Before his concluding transmutation can happen, he has to travel through a scenario that triggers a new mentality on acquiring older. He begins to walk across New York and does non halt until he is & # 8220 ; manner up in the 1960ss & # 8221 ; ( 178 ) . Holden so begins to name out to his dead brother Allie to assist him non disappear. He continues to make this scenario until it finally inspires his guiltless decision:

To understand why childhood might & # 8220 ; vanish & # 8221 ; in a street, one must recognize the symbolic significance of motion when he arrives at the house and asks Mrs.

Spencer, & # 8220 ; How & # 8217 ; s Mr. Spencer. He over his Grippe yet? & # 8221 ; and she replies, & # 8220 ; Over it! Holden he & # 8217 ; s moving like a perfect I don & # 8217 ; t cognize what. & # 8221 ; Mr. Spencer is acting like a perfect kid, one may add.that & # 8217 ; s why Holden is able to halt traversing streets when he & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; manner up in the Sixties, & # 8221 ; is that a adult male of old Spencer & # 8217 ; s age has reached his 2nd childhood.

Holden subconsciously recalls his old history teacher Mr. Spencer and the thought that when person becomes that age they get a 2nd opportunity to hold the same merriment that a kid would hold.

Finally, Holden shows his disgust for the universe that has lost it & # 8217 ; s artlessness. When Holden & # 8217 ; s character is examined it is obvious that he does non similar things that are unneeded. To Holden the words Fuck you and the graffito are both unneeded which increases his hatred of the corrupt universe. This is one of the lone things that does non alter in Holden & # 8217 ; s character throughout the novel. The words & # 8220 ; Fuck You & # 8221 ; ( 145 ) ever disgust him. It unnerves him for a few grounds. For illustration, he does non believe that this is a necessary act, he does non rather understand it, and he feels that it will consequence the family he is protecting:

The lewdness is peculiarly meaningful to Holden & # 8217 ; s Dilemma, for non merely does it show an grownup act which confuses Holden & # 8220 ; You ne’er know where the snake pit you are & # 8221 ; the petroleum statements besides suggests a corruptness of that act, another worldly influence to be experienced by turning kids, as Holden remarks when he sees it on the school wall: & # 8220 ; I thought how Phoebe and all the

other small childs would see it, and how they & # 8217 ; d inquire what the snake pit it meant. & # 8221 ; 5

Holden & # 8217 ; s hatred for this sort of defacing is a mark of his deficiency of artlessness. It besides shows that he besides has some adulthood in him every bit good. The graffiti fusss him throughout the narrative and ever seems to come back to stalk him. Holden has a hatred for the World that he would tie in to this phrase. He assumes that his whole grownup universe would hold this word as portion of their society and that they all think that this kind of thing is right. The reader may non acquire this thought out of the manner he thinks of this, but it is rather evident that this could be true. If he truly did believe that, so he would desire to maintain kids off from it because of the artlessness they would lose. The existent ground that the reader may detect about his cleansing of the graffito is that he himself may merely non understand this because he has non yet had this experience genuinely as an grownup would so he combines this with the grownup universe to organize an sentiment that this word is rough. Even though it is a rough show Holden may believe this for different grounds:

I think, even, if I die and they stick me in a graveyard, and I have a gravestone and all, it & # 8217 ; ll say & # 8220 ; Holden Caulfield & # 8221 ; on it, and so what twelvemonth I was born and when I died, and so right under that it & # 8217 ; ll say & # 8220 ; Fuck you. & # 8221 ; I & # 8217 ; m positive, in fact. ( 145 )

This is Holden & # 8217 ; s manner. He merely merely believes this is the right manner to move and believe. Some may be, and on other things possibly be wholly incorrect but Holden is making and believing in ways that other teens his age would non. This consequences in his & # 8220 ; Protection of Innocence & # 8221 ; upbringing. To Holden there are two types of people, the 1s who are guiltless like kids or those who are a kid at bosom, and so there are the 1s who are Phony.