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Francis Harry Compton Crick is a famous scientist who won many awards such as the
1962 Nobel Prize of Medicine and Physiology that him, James Watson and also Maurice Wilkins
received. Also he won the 1960 Albert Lasker Award, the 1962 Gardener Foundation Award,
the Royal Society’s Royal Medal, and last the 1976 Royal society’s Copley medal.
Francis Harry Compton Crick was born on the 8th of June in 1916. He lived in
Northhampton and was the first born in his family. Francis went to school when he was young
including grammar school and then moved to North London to go to Mill High School. He went
to college after high school, he went to the University of College and earned his Bachelor of
Science degree in Physics in the year 1937.

Francis Crick was married in 1939 to Ruth Doreen Dodd, and had there first son named
Michael in 1940. Only seven years later Francis and his wife Ruth divorced. Then two years
later Francis remarried to a lady named Odile Speed and had two duaghters.

Francis worked on his science experiments and graduate studies on the measurements of
the thickness and thinness of water at high temperatures. In 1947 he started his Ph.D work at
Stangeways Laboratory, Cambridge. Their he worked with Arthur Hughes and studied what
cytoplasm looks like in tumor cells. He also worked with Max Perutz and John Kerdrew on
the structures of protein, at the Medical Research Unit at cavendish Laboratory. He did his Ph.D
work on X-rays and tests to determine proteins shape. After his work with X-rays Crick worked
with James Watson to uncover structures of DNA. In 1953 James and Francis uncovered the
structure of DNA, or double helix. They published a paper of this discovery in Aprils 25th
edition of the Journal Nature. Francis Crick is best known for the discovery of the double helix.
After finding the structure of the double helix he started working on finding common things
between DNA and on genes code. He worked with Vernon Ingram, and while they where
working they discovered the function of the gentic material, which controls what you look like..
In 1957 Francis started working with Sydney Brenner to find out how the sequence of DNA
would work on the amino acid sequence in proteins. Crick found the gentic code, and the
mechanism for protein synthesis. With this work his discovery helped create the DNA/RNA

In 1976 Francis Crick left Cambridge Laboratories to become Kieckhefer Professor at
Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California. There Francis started to study
Brains. Francis Crick was a very helpful scientist in our world and is still alive today helping us
even more. Francis Crick will always be known for the man who found out the structure of the
double helix.

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