Class Prophecy Essay Sample

As a Chief executive officer of a company is non an easy function in my life. As a Chief executive officer of a shoe company. I need to advance and back merchandises in order for my merchandises to be recognized in the whole universe. I travelled from one state to another state to advance and to back my merchandises. I was in Paris when I was backing my merchandise. I decided to come back in my place topographic point in the Philippines.

It’s been 10 old ages that had passed when I graduated at Taysan Resettlement Integrated School. In that school. I learned how to go a good and successful citizen. After I’m done with my work. I took an aeroplane to come back to the Philippines to hold my holiday. I’ve seated at the in-between side of the plane. When the aeroplane started to wing. a air hostess came. That air hostess guided us. As I look at her. I’ve noticed that she is my former batch mate. YOLLYCAR CALISIN. I called her and had a talk with her. She told me that the pilots of this aeroplane are besides my former batch couples. CARLO ALARZAR and JAYNER BOLANTE. After the trip. we landed at PIA ( Paquia International Airport ) . I’ve noticed that the name of the airdrome is really familiar to me. So I went inside the airdrome. I saw a adult male who is walking about at that place. I knew that he is GILBERT PAQUIA. the proprietor of the airdrome. After that. I drove a auto and went to the hotel. I entered that hotel and went to the forepart desk of the hotel and talked to the desk officer.

But I was incorrectly. because it was the proprietor of the hotel. As he faced me. I was surprised. because it was RONALD ABARIENTOS. the proprietor and director of the said hotel. He guided me to my room. I entered to my room and set my bags aside. I lay on my bed and opened the telecasting. I saw a intelligence on telecasting. I was shocked that the newscaster is my former batch mate. JOY DATUN. Her intelligence says that the representative of the Philippines won in an International Hip-Hop Dance Competition. And I was amazed that the members of the group are my former batch couples. They were GRETCHEN TABACO. ROWEL TALDE. DG ECHALUCE. DOMILYN ARINGO. RYAN LLONA. RONALD BULAWAN. BRAYAN ATULI. MELJANE TABACO. HAYNE ATENTO and LEONARD ROMERO. Another newscaster delivers the intelligence. that newscaster is besides my former batch mate ROSELIA ALBAYTAR. Her intelligence tells that another representative of our state in the World Math Competition had besides won.

The representatives are MARICHO ARQUERO. ALEXIS ABRIGO. and JOHN MARK ESQUILON. I was happy for them because they are my former batch couples and besides when were in high school. they were so good in Mathematicss. While watching the telecasting. I felt hungry. So I’ve decided to a eating house to fulfill my hungriness. I went to a eating house and took my place. After a few proceedingss. a server came. He asked me what my orders are and I asked him excessively if who is the proprietor of the eating house. He pointed out to me the proprietors. When I faced them. I was surprised. they were ZOZEL ARANDIA and MARY CRIS AGRIPA. my former batch couples. and now an proprietor of a celebrated eating house. When I’m done feeding. I decided to travel to a promenade. As I drive my auto. I saw hoardings on top of the edifices. Each measure boards has theoretical accounts who are backing merchandises and I’ve noticed that the theoretical accounts or subscribers are my former batch couples. They are JAYMARK MALLORCA. JAYSON ANDES. AL DIO. RACHEL JOY BALBALOSA and ALJON ARGANDA.

When I saw them. I smiled. As I travel traveling to the promenade. I passed by a shop which sells accoutrements. I have stopped there to purchase some accoutrements. I bought rings. necklace. and ticker. When I was in the counter. I saw a adult male who is familiar to me. I’ve noticed that it was STEPHEN AREVALO and conjecture who was with him? ? . his married woman! . the proprietor of an accoutrement shop. I called them and had a short talk. I talked to them for several proceedingss. He told me that there shop has many subdivisions countrywide. After that. I went to a promenade. I roam around there and at one side of the promenade. I’ve seen a paint exhibit. So I go at that place. When I saw the pictures. I’ve noticed that it were done by the Great Painters in the Philippines. who are my former batch couples named ROMMEL AYLEON. BILLY JOE MACEDA. JOHN VINCENT GARRUCHO and REYMOND CABRIA. I bought some pictures at that place. After I left the promenade. I decided to purchase roasted hog because I miss the gustatory sensation of it. I went to a Lechon House. I bought a kg of lechon. Atlas! my former batch mate. JOMILYN PEREZ is the proprietor of Lechon House. After that I continued driving when by chance my tyre got level. I was so defeated. so I pushed my auto to be brought to a auto-repair store. I was grateful that JOEY BELLUDO is at that place.

I asked him what he was making at that place. He said that he is the proprietor of the store. After he had fixed my tyre. I thanked him and went to a theatre to watch film. Because it’s been a long clip that I’ve ne’er seen a film because I was so busy with my work. In that blockbuster film that I’d ticker. the starring histrions and actresses are my former batch couples. They are CARLO ANTOLIN. MAY ROSELANE ZUNIGA. JESSA MAE BERMEJO. MADONNA ASUNCION JHONEL MADRIDANO and JONEL ROBLES. I was so impressed with that beautiful film. After I have watched the film. I decided to travel back to the hotel. While I was going. the traffic was so heavy. So it took an hr to make the hotel. As I waited for the heavy traffic. I opened the Windowss of my auto. When I looked outside. I saw LIEZEL ARINGO siting on her pink auto. We’ve talked to each other and she told me that she is now a millionaire and she besides said that our former batch couples were besides a millionaire.

They were ANGELICA VALLADOLID. JOSE MAPAGDALITA JR. . GERARD PAUL ANDES. RONIE MENDEVIL. RICA MAE ARAO. MARIISSA BLANCO. ANDREW-ED ARIATE. AILEEN ARIMADO. GELINOR PIOJO. MARY ROSE JOY DIESTA. MANILYN CASTUERA. CHARMAINE ROSE FUNDALES and RICHELLE ARANIL. After our conversation. the traffic jam was over. So I reached the hotel and entered my room. I ate the lechon that I bought and took some remainder. After a piece. I read some books. The book tha I read was so inspiring and I was amazed that the writer of the book is RIZZA JADIE. After that I sat on the swaying chair in the balcony and read a newspaper. When reading the newspaper. the headline of it was the representative of the Philippines in the International Beauty Pageant brought the Crown. And I read the inside informations of it. and I was astonished that JULIE VALLADOLID was crowned as Miss Universe 2022. JENNY CATALAN as Miss International 2022. MA. ANGEL DEL MUNDO as Miss Earth 2022. and VANESSA MECCA CORREA as Miss World 2022. I was so happy for them because they reached their dreams when we are in high school.

Another article that I read was that the Filipino Fashion Designer ANTHONETTE GAUFO and MELOJEAN BALDE became an International Designer. I read another intelligence article about the 4 work forces who became a successful concern work forces in the Philippines. They viz. ERMAN ANTUERPIA. FROILAN APINADO. JAN-REY ARANDIA. and CHRISTIAN LIPIO. When I turned the page at the Sports Page. I was amazed that 5 hoops participants in the Philippines were now members of NBA. I read it. and I was happy that RONNIE BANANIA. JHON-JHON BALICTAR. BENJAMIN JADIE. RUBEN BALINO and ISIDRO LOVERANES are now members of the NBA squad. And besides GLENN ASEJO was proclaimed as the Most Valuable Player of Volleyball in the 2022 Sea games. And I was besides astonished that JELYN MANDO was the Editor-in-Chief of the celebrated newspaper publication in the state.

And when I’m done reading the newspaper. I watched the telecasting. I saw CHERRY ROSE MILLETE who is the broadcaster. She gave the undermentioned intelligence that the principal of a celebrated school in the Bicol part was proclaimed as the Outstanding Principal Nationwide. She is SHERY ANN ARMARIO my former batch mate. I was so happy because our school where I graduated in high school was recognized in the Philippines ; The Filipino Singers are now a member of GLEE. They were MAYBEL BALDON. JONEL VALLADOLID. and ROSELLE REMORQUE ; The Filipino Seaman GIO ALTAVANO became the Captain of a epicurean ship and two great physicists in the Philippines were recognized by the universe. they were ELIZAFE ALMAYDA and MARY JOY ECHALUCE.

And now my holiday was over. so I will travel back to Germany to go on my work. I pack my things and paid my measures in the hotel. I took a cab traveling to the airdrome. I stopped at the flower store. I was surprised that the flower store proprietor was LEA AYLEON. While I was on the manner traveling to airport. I saw a beautiful edifice. The driver told me that the edifice was designed by an designer. KYIER JANN KLIFF STA. JUANA. I was at the airdrome and I got away from the auto. When I was walking. I all of a sudden bumped person. As she faced me. I’ve noticed that it was REYCIA FAITH COLASTRE. We had a short talk.

She told me that she is now a attorney and she said that she come from the US and went back in the Philippines. And she besides said that our former batch mate CHRISTIAN VALLADOLID is now a Pope. SALVACION ATE. REYMART AJERO. and ROBERT BALQUIN are now senators. We’re done speaking to each other. I rode on an aeroplane and it started to wing. A air hostess came to us and guided us. She called me and I faced her. she was KRIEZELLE MIRANDA and she told me that MABEL CANO is besides a air hostess and MARLON ARANA and JONEL VALLADOLID were the pilots of the aeroplane. I was seated on my favourite portion in the in-between side of the aeroplane.

During the trip. I have thought and realized that when I visited in the Philippines. I’ve seen my former batch couples and I thought that It’s a pleasance for me to run into and to cognize the lives of my former batch mates 10 old ages after Graduation. I besides thought that it was a reunion for us and I was happy for myself and for my former batch couples that we have achieved so many things in lives and we owe it to our parents and instructors who have molded us when we are merely pupils. . . .

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