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When I first began this essay, I held no stance on the subject of human cloning. After my initial research, I came to the conclusion that there was no real evidence that human cloning should be illegal. My first draft however lacked good arguments. Ive since returned to the library and took a new look at the problem. And, after more research my stance was changed. Human cloning, while bringing some good, is not Gods will, and any God fearing human should consider human cloning wrong.

There are many good reasons why human cloning should not be outlawed. Parents unable to have children could clone themselves. If and when human cloning becomes possible, it will represent little more than another step in reproductive technology and one that individuals would be free to choose if they desire (Hines). The children, being genetic replicas of the parents, would be true offspring. This would comfort the parents in the fact that they truly lived on through their children. This technology could also bring great things to the medical world. The technology of cloning may well allow biotechnologists to develop animals which will grow human-compatible organs for transplant. Cloning is likely to be first used to create animals that produce valuable therapeutic hormones, enzymes, and proteins (Bailey 2). These advances could save many human lives, all through cloning.The cloning of humans could also be applied to endangered animals. Cloning something as extinct as the stars of Jurassic Park remains fiction, but Lanza has just received permission from Spain to clone the bucardo, a mountain goat that became extinct when a tree fell on Celia, the last of its kind. The tissue was frozen; if it can be cloned in the egg of a common ibex, the bucardo would live again. We hope to have live bucardo kids by early summer, says Lanza (Begley 3). We could take action against the deaths of whole species. This technology could turn the world on its head. However, just like test tube babies were denounced in the sixtys, we now do the same with cloning. Before the technology has even entered the door, we ask it to leave by not only banning the idea but any research on it. Nevertheless, with enough research these things could be a reality in the future. A reality that would truly make the world a better place.

I must admit that almost all the arguments against human cloning are very weak. What if Hitler was cloned or an army of Hilters, others go as far as to say that cloning would create a sub class of citizens. These however, are stories of science fiction. It could happen, but not really. To become truly like Hitler, a clone would not only have to be a genetic replica but also experience the same things. Our genetic code is only the beginning of who we are. Our environment adds just as much. A clone of Hitler would have to grow up in the same exact way. In addition, what factors would convince a person that clones are any less human beings? When genetic replicas, or identical twins, are born, one is not considered more human than the other is. A clone would be considered just as human as any other would, because they are. It may seam like Im arguing against myself, but there is one argument that stands above all the rest.

But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh, So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate (New International Version, Mark.10.6-9). These are the direct words of Jesus to the Pharisees. Clearly, this passage from the Word of God shows that he intended male and female to procreate. With cloning however, this is not needed. A woman could clone herself and carry the child until birth. Moreover, this daughter could do the same, carrying on for generations. Where is the man, he is not needed. Through cloning, we can separate what God has put together, and disobey his direct command.

While cloning would give medical benefits and possibly make the world a better place. God has clearly commanded us that this is not his will. We must listen, and obey, not only for ourselves but also for the future of the world. God gives his commands not to hinder our lives, or make it difficult to live. Commands are given to protect us from ourselves. AIDS would be quite harmless if the seventh commandment was obeyed to some extent. Therefore, we must obey, and keep from cloning. What cloning will bring to the world I truly dont know? Nevertheless, I trust the Lord and his word.

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