Comlumbian Exchange

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Comlumbian Exchange

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1.Columbian Exchange

        The Columbian Exchange refers to a period of culture and biological exchange between the New and Old worlds.  It is an exchange of plants, animals, and diseases. At the beginning of the discovery in 1942, the exchange lasted throughout the years of exploring and discovering many things, which was called the “Age of Exploration”. Throughout out world, the period from 1492-1650 can be seen as the first globalization of food, when crops and animals were transferred between the hemisphere.

        There were many food plants and animals that were transferred from the old world to the new world. In 1493, Columbus returned to the Americas and brought cattle, chicken, dog, goat, horse, pig and sheep. As in plant wise, Columbus transferred onions, reddish, salad greens, barley, chickpea, sugar cane, wheat, grains and legumes. For fruits, they transferred grapes, melons, apples, bananas, cherry and watermelons. Other than that, there are vegetables such as broccoli, cinnamon, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, lavender, lettuce, olive, black pepper, soy and yam.

        Food that were transferred from the new world to the old world were much less than transferring from the old world to the new world. The reason why is because the western hemisphere ad a giant plantation for the eastern hemisphere made familiar to the old world food more available to people in the old world. Turkey, Muscovy duck were sent to Europe, Africa and Asia. For vegetables and spices, artichokes, green beans, bell peppers, white potatoes, squash, sunflowers and vanilla were also transferred. Beans, cashew nuts, corns and quinine (anti-malaria drug). Lastly, the fruits were avocado, blueberry, cacao, cherimoya, papaya, pineapple, and tomatoes.