Compare and contrast between a good boss and a bad boss Essay Sample

I have two different occupations and finally I need to take one by the terminal of the month. One is at a Private school. at Amaranto and my boss’ name is Paola. The other 1 is at a public school and my foreman ‘name is Carlos. Although. I like my two occupations. it is hard to take one. It was merely after I analyzed the similarities and differences between the two of my foremans that I eventually came to my determination to remain with Mrs. Paola.

At first glimpse both of the schools are near my country. Although one is private and the other one is public. they have a batch in common ; the payment is about the same at both schools. and I work precisely the same sum of clip. Besides. the kids and staff are really nice to me in both schools. My foremans are rather different. so that is my chiefly issue to discourse. It was when I looked at the differences between my two foremans that I made my concluding determination.

In footings of trust I can state that Mrs. Paola has ever trusted me. I believe she by and large lets me make my work. but that she is available to assist me whenever is needed. As a consequence. I tend to experience happier. more at easiness. and more likely to be productive in my ain environment. Unlike Mrs. Paola. Mr. Carlos is distrustful and finical. he ne’er lets me be in my ain thing. and he is ever interrupting my category inquiring for things. doing me experience ascertained and uncomfortable. However. I realized that these should non be the most of import factors in my determination. I had to pay a batch of attending to the fiscal constituent.

Although the payment is the same on both schools. Mrs. Paola offered me a fillip for my good public presentation in category. whereas Mr. Carlos couldn’t give me a fillip assistance. On the other manus. you can state a difference in their attitudes ; Mrs. Paola loves her occupation and goes supra and beyond to win in her school. while Mr. Carlos has a bad attitude and shows no involvement in desiring to win at his occupation. In decision. after taking everything in consideration. I think I made the right determination. Since trust. fiscal support. and attitude are all really of import to me. I will likely be happier with Mrs. Paola.

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