Comparison Between A Pre20th Century Text

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Comparison Between A Pre20th Century Text

Comparison Between A Pre-20th Century Text & A ; A twentieth Century Text Essay, Research Paper

For this Essay I have to compare a pre 20th

century text with a twentieth century text. Both the texts must be short

narratives. The two pieces of text that I have chosen for this comparing are The

Shriveled Arm, which is a pre-20th century text written by Thomas Hardy & A ;

The Genius a twentieth century text written by Frank O & # 8217 ; Connor. I have chosen these

narratives as they fit the class of which I have to compose about.In the Withered arm the chief Fictional characters are, Rhoda Brook

( Farmer Lodges ex spouse ) , Farmer Lodge, Gertrude ( Farmer Lodges new spouse )

and Farmer Lodges and Rhoda Brooks son.The first thing I would wish to compare is the subject of

both The Withered arm and The Genius. The subjects of the Withered arm are

Jealousy, superstitious notion and Love. The subject of?

green-eyed monster in the narrative is shown by Rhoda Brook. She is really covetous after

her past relationship with Farmer Lodge failed and Farmer Lodge has moved

on. ? However there is a complication,

Farmer Lodge had a boy who Rhoda had to look after. Gertrude, husbandman Lodge? s

fiansey became concerned about Rhodas and Farmer Lodges boy when she saw him

whilst coming back from Anglbury. She outlined him as a & # 8216 ; hapless male child & # 8217 ; and felt sorry

for him and bought him a brace of boots. The Villagers were cognizant of the matter

between Rhoda and Farmer Lodge, non until speculated about the departures on of it.

Farmer Lodge pretended to Gertrude non to cognize his son.The green-eyed monster in The Genius is wholly different from

The Withered Arm as the green-eyed monster is set around different topics. The male child in

the narrative, Larry, is covetous of people that are older than him. This is chiefly

due to the fact that he ise really cagey and knows so. This makes him desire to

socialise with people who are older than him because he thinks that people of

his age are much to childish. One of the grounds for him going covetous, I

think is because if he had been brought up in a poorer household so the linguistic communication

used around the house would be of a lower criterion and he would be much more

like poeple of his age. Larry is really covetous of people that know more about

things than him. For illustration, when he asks his female parent about how babes are

made, she tells him a infantile narrative and he believes it. When he talks to older

people about it, they laugh at the cockamamie narrative that his female parent told him. He is

annoyed about the fact that people think that he is excessively immature to cognize the existent

narrative while he thinks that he should cognize. This leads him towards choler and

deep green-eyed monster. So the green-eyed monster domonstrted in The Withered Arm and The

Genius are wholly different because the types of green-eyed monster are nowhere near

the same. Though the emotions that are felt by the characters are the same, the

manner in which they are felt are different. Larry out of The Genius feels as

though he is being treated like a kid while Rhoda Brook feels as though she

is unimportant and is being wholly ignored by Farmer Lodge. Anger stems from

the green-eyed monster in both instances but is felt in wholly different ways. Rhoda is

covetous of Gertrude as she is so immature and beautiful and any hope of Rhoda of all time

acquiring back together with Farmer Lodge dissapeared when she arrived.In the terminal of The Genius, Larry realises that there is

nil to be covetous about because he will larn what he needs to cognize in good

time.The subject of love is involved in both the narratives, but

more so in The Withered Arm. As stated in the start of The Withered Arm, Rhoda

had an matter with Farmer Lodge in which it is non clear whether there was

really love involved. When Farmer Lodge married Gertrude there is uncertainty that

love is involved because Gertrude may hold married Farmer Lodge for his money

and Farmer Lodge might hold married Gertrude for her expressions. Another sort of love

in the narrative is that Rhoda oves her boy. This is a dif

ferent sort of love,

household love. In The Genius, Larry falls in love with an older miss,

but he may hold merely thought that it was love and was non certain. The comparing

between the two narratives are non much different because the same sort of love is

felt in both.Superstition plays a large portion in The Withered Arm

because when Gertrudes arm becomes ailment, she seeks advice from Conjuror Trendle

and tries all kinds of herbal redresss. In the terminal she seeks the cervix of a dead

adult male and dies because of Witchcraft. Basically, the narrative is set around

superstitious notion. Rhoda is believed by the locals to be a enchantress. Compared to The Withered Arm, superstitious notion dramas small

or no portion in The Genius. There are no illustrations of superstion in this narrative at

all.The secret plan of the two narratives are rather different. The

Shriveled Arm is sort of a superstitious play and The Genius is a narrative with a

lesson in it. The Withered Arm relies on superstitious notion and beliefs of that age.

The basic secret plan of The Withered Arm is that Rhoda has had an matter with Farmer

Lodge. The matter ended rather a long clip ago and now Farmer Lodge has married

a immature adult female called Gertrude. Rhoda and Farmer Lodge have a boy which they

maintain a secret to protect the inside informations of their relationship. During th dark,

Rhoda has a realistic incubus hat Gertrude is in her sleeping room. She throws her

off the bed and ulterior discovers that Gertrudes arm is severely injured. Rhoda

knows that she has caused the hurt but is excessively frightened to acknowledge it. Over a

period of old ages, Gertrudes arm gets worse and she seeks witchery as a

remedie. She has to see a freshly hung organic structure and touch the cervix of the organic structure

with her arm. When she goes to touch the cervix, Rhoda and Farmer Lodge appear as

it is their boy who is being hanged. Gertrudes blood has been turned excessively much

and she dies. The

secret plan of The Genius is non really large as nil much happens compared to The

Shriveled Arm. It is about a male child who is a mastermind and wants to beocme more like

an grownup. He starts inquiring inquiries about grownup topics and meets an older

miss. They become good friends and when they start speaking about more

complicated topics, Larry does non cognize much about them and embarrasses

himself. The miss leaves him and goes off with an older male child. Larry is left to

feel covetous but so he realises that in good clip he will larn about things

that they talk about.The secret plans are really different as The Withered Arm is

based on things like Witchcraft and play, The Genius is more light hearted and

in a manner rather funny.In both the narratives there are rather a few characters but

merely about three chief 1s. In The Withered Arm there are four chief characters,

Rhoda Brook, Gertrude and Farmer Lodge and Rhoda and Farmer Lodges boy. Out of

the chief four Gertrude and Rhoda are involved the most. The chief characters

weave the narrative into the way it takes. The chief characters of The Genius are

Larry, Una Dwyer and Larries mum. Una is really of import to the narrative because

she leads Larry into believing that he is and grownup and he starts moving like

one.The linguistic communications, being a century apart are bound to be

different and are. The Withered Arm has many words that are non used in todays

conversations and in fact most of the sentences. An expample of the difference

is when the author writes Numberss he would state six and 20 alternatively of 20

six. The linguistic communication in The Genius is much more modern though it still has a few

words that are non every bit common as they used to be.The Withered Arm is related to life in the times of which

it is set. This is demonstrated by the sort of communicating that they used in

the olden yearss. The narrative relates to the civilization of Witchcraft as being a

common characteristic in about mundane life. The Genius

relates to people who think that they are misread by people and fell that they

ought to be treat otherwise.