Conduct an Analysis of Global Flows of Humanitarian Aid Reconstruction and Relief Funding

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Conduct an Analysis of Global Flows of Humanitarian Aid Reconstruction and Relief Funding

Block 1: Market

Kanpicha P.   5712739  section 401

Conduct an analysis of global flows of humanitarian aid reconstruction and relief funding.

        Africa is receiving the most humanitarian aid and relief funding due to problems that they faced such as political instability and poverty. This aids can be in terms of monetary, construction supplies or manpower. The sources of fund can come from the more stable countries in order to help countries with lower wealth and less developed. Most of the funds came from the US government.

The key selling point that differentiate Forcier Consultant from other competitors’ firms are the niche of the firm. They prefer to work in the complicated environment and places with challenges. Many local Consulting companies are lacking of international experiences and sometimes not able to provide good quality English written report. Therefore, by collaborating with the local people helps Forcier to be at the advantage. They are able to provide insight information by the local expertise as well as excellence report from researchers with international experience.

There are 2 kinds of competitors that Forcier is facing. The first one being the much larger companies that works directly with the government and another on is the local companies that offer similar services as Forcier consultant. Here are the lists of some competitors …

  1. Oxford Policy Management
  2. ORB
  3. Okan Consultancy
  4. Price Waterhouse Coopers
  5. SB Consulting
  6. Field Africa

There are many more competitors firm in the market. However, the focus of Forcier Consultant is on the small firms that are one the same level. Large consulting firms are harder to reach and compete with thus, small firms that offer similar types of services are easier to compete with.

SWOT analysis


  • The niche of the company is rare.
  • Researcher with international experience.
  • Have full-time staffs working in the local areas.
  • Offices are located in most of African countries, thus, data collection is much more better and easier with the help of the local clients.


  • There are many big Consulting companies in Africa such as Oxford policy management. These companies are too big for Forcier to compete with for the size of project.


  • Demographic, environment and politics in Africa are suitable for Forcier is look for opportunities and projects as there are many humanitarian aids in that regions.


  • Unfavourable government policies in some part of Africa.  

Identify the most promising new markets for your client.

        Based on the analysis of the firm, the promising new market that I would like to suggest is Central African Republic. This is one of the country in Africa that needs a lot of development research and there is no research firm established there yet. Also, there is many humanitarian aids going on in the country, a lot of funding and development programs. However, there is no consulting firm there and no one to evaluate them. Thus, this would be a competitive market to enter as Forcier will be the first mover in the market. The niche of the firm is suitable for the country suggested too as Forcier consultant prefer to work in the areas that needs help and not afraid of the complicated environment.

Analyse the market.

        The Demographics of Central African Republic includes population of 4,920,157 people with median of age at 21.4 years old. Population growth rate is 2.12% and the life expectancy over the whole population is 50.07 years old. The Ethnic groups includes Baya, Banya, Mandjia, Sara, Mboum, M’Baka, Yakoma and others. French is the official language and Sangho is their tribal language. Their religions are mostly indigenous beliefs, followed by Protestant, Roman Catholic and Islam. The literacy rate is 51%. Population age above 15 years old are able to read and write. Also, since there is no Consulting firm in Central African Republic yet, Forcier have more opportunities in the new market and no competitor to compete with.