Confucius And Confucianism Essay Research Paper Confucius

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Confucius And Confucianism Essay Research Paper Confucius

Confucius And Confucianism Essay, Research Paper

Confucius and Confucianism


Confucius was believed to hold been born in 551 BC. , in the province

of Lu, known today as the Shandong state. His parents, who died

while he was a kid, named him Kong Qui. Confucius was derived from

the Latin word Kongfuzi which means Great Master Kong. Confucius was

the most influential and respected philosopher in Chinese history.

His thoughts were the individual strongest influence on Chinese society from

around 100 BC. to the AD. 1900 & # 8217 ; s. The Chinese authorities made his

thoughts the official province doctrine and many nearby states honored

his beliefs.

Confucius wanted to derive the place as an advisor to a wise

swayer, but he failed. He hoped to make this in order to be able to

use his thoughts for reforming society. If it wasn & # 8217 ; T for the

adherents of Confucius his instructions would hold ne’er been dispersed

around China, and he would hold ne’er been made known. His instructions

were ne’er written down by him, but his conversations and expressions were

written down by his adherents in the analectas.


Confucianism was the individual most of import thing in Chinese life.

It affected everything in China ; instruction, authorities, and

attitudes toward behaviour in public and private life. Confucianism is

non a faith, but it is more a doctrine and a usher to morality

and good authorities. At the clip Confucius was born, China was in a

changeless province of war, and rapid political alteration altered the

construction of Chinese society so much that people no longer respected

the established behavioural guidelines. Confucius stated that the ideal

individual was one of good moral character. The ideal individual was besides

genuinely reverent in worship and unfeignedly respected his male parent and his

swayer. He was expected to believe for himself, guided by definite regulations

of behavior. As Confucius said, he was expected to take & # 8220 ; as much

problem to detect what was right as lesser work forces take to detect what

will pay & # 8221 ; . Confucius believed that this type of behaviour by swayers

had a greater consequence on the people than did Torahs or codifications of

penalty. So when these types of people were swayers, their moral

illustration would animate the people to take good lives.

Confucius died sometime around 479 B.C. , and his doctrine was

R / & gt ;

non really good known. If it weren & # 8217 ; T for his adherents his thoughts would

likely still be unknown. Confucius ne’er wrote anything down

himself ; his adherents wrote all of his expressions down in a aggregation

of books called the Analects. These contain all that modern twenty-four hours adult male

knows about Confucius.

There existed two of import Confucian philosophers-Mencius

( 390-305 BC ) and Xunzi ( mid 200 & # 8217 ; s B.C. ) . They held beliefs similar

to Confucius but they were slightly different. Mencius & # 8217 ; s point of view

was that people were born good, and that they had to & # 8220 ; continue the

natural compassion of the bosom & # 8221 ; . Xunzi opposed this by stating that

people could be good and unrecorded peacefully merely if their heads were

shaped by instruction and behavior. Both of these thoughts parallel

Confucius & # 8217 ; , in that they both province that people can be good.

Confucianism was concerned chiefly with the demands of society,

and unlike Buddhism and Taoism, non the ability for a individual to populate

in harmoniousness with nature. Get downing in the 200 & # 8217 ; s B.C. Buddhism and

Taoism began to impact and reshape the criterions of Confucianism, and

things such as nature came into drama. Around A.D. 200 to 600, there

was a rapid diminution in the Confucian Beliefs in China. This was

partially because Confucianism now had to vie with Buddhism and

Taoism, which were developed around this clip. These faiths

were to Confucianism as dark is to twenty-four hours, in other words, they were

exact antonyms. Buddhism and Taoism were mostly concerned with the

significance of enduring and decease, while Confucianism mostly ignored


The resurgence of Confucianism began around the 600 & # 8217 ; s and was to the full

revived by the 700 & # 8217 ; s. In the 1100 & # 8217 ; s, there was a motion lead by

Zhu-Xi called the Neo-Confucianism motion. He developed a subdivision of

this motion known as the rational-wing, it dealt with the survey of

Li, the relationship between worlds and nature. Another subdivision was

called the intuitional-wing and it dealt largely with enlightenment by

a combination of speculation and moral action. In the 1900 & # 8217 ; s there

was a clang between Confucianism and Western beliefs such as

Communism. For many old ages after the Communist alteration in China, the

Government greatly opposed Confucianism because it tended to look into

the yesteryear instead than to the hereafter. However, all authorities resistance

ended in 1977.