Confucius and the 21st Century

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Confucius and the 21st Century

Angelika Thorn



11 November 2017

Confucius and the 21st Century

Confucius was a little-known philosopher to begin with as well as during his life time. However, once he died, his work became more popular and he ended up being a very well- known and popular philosopher. All of his main ideas are still relevant even to this day. Two of the many main ideas that are still relevant today are ritual and social roles.

One of the main ideas of Confucius that is still relevant today is his idea of ritual. His idea of ritual as stated in the book can be summed up into a few sentences. Confucius basically said that everything and anything that we do is a ritual whether it be how we greet each other or how we observe certain life events ( Puchner 2013). He also said that one who masters their rituals has become a junzi. Confucius’ idea of ritual is relevant in today’s world in a few ways. One way that his idea of ritual is relevant today is that whether we know it or not, everything we do is a ritual. The everyday schedule that we have with waking up at a certain time, going to school on certain days and times, as well as going to work and doing the same thing over and over especially if you’re in the position where you open or close at the place you work at.  Confucius also stated that even though he did not reach the stage of junzi himself, that anyone can do it and should strive for it. This idea is relevant today because people saw the meaning of ritual the same way we do and everything was a ritual back then like how they greeted each other and how they celebrated major life events like birth, death, and special observances ( Puchner 2013).