Consequences Of The War Of 1812 Essay

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Consequences Of The War Of 1812 Essay

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Consequences of the War of 1812

The War of 1812 brought away legion effects toward the United States and the remainder of the universe. Most of the effects fall under political and economical classs. The United States was claimed the master of the war, a war that opened up new doors for it to thrive and come on. When the war ended, much convulsion had taken topographic point, though non all necessary, that created a new sense of independency throughout the

United States.

One of the first effects of the War of 1812 was the changing of the American reserves system. The ground forces had proved to be undistinguished in assorted conflicts during the war, such as the failure of the U.S. in get the better ofing Canada near the beginning of the war. Though

some thought that the reserves was making merely ticket, others new that something had to be done to beef up it. An army general staff and a board of navy commissioners were formed, so that the ground forces did non hold to merely trust on a Secretary. The system was besides reformed in it & # 8217 ; s answerability of the ground forces and the naval forces to further beef up it. Scientific technology besides played a large function in making a larger and more significant ground forces. A new system of munitions was established that doubled the size of the so little American

ground forces. Though these were effects of the War of 1812, the major 1s trade with political and economical issues.

The political effects turned out to be highly important in the farther development of the United States. The war led to the terminal of the Federalist party due to their resistance to the war and created a one party system of Republicans by 1816. The Jeffersonians saw this as being an advantage, but in the terminal it brought forth the internal failings of the Jeffersonian system. A war, the Jeffersonians believed, would make a

strong ground forces and naval forces, a bureaucratism, high revenue enhancements, fabrication and industrial metropoliss, all issues that they wanted to avoid. The old Jeffersonians hated war in all facets, but the new coevals of Republicans began to recognize its benefits. even Thomas Jefferson himself came to recognize that a equal balance in agribusiness, makers and commercialism could turn out to be good. The postwar Republicans, even with the division in thoughts now, still passed many of the same types of Torahs including a 2nd national bank, high duties of the war period and leting for certain internal betterments. Henry Clay, a Republican in Congress, helped make The American System. This was aimed at doing the state economically self-sufficing and free from dependence on Europe. All of these new Torahs and thoughts was an indicant of patriotism, something that was greatly needed for

the U.S. to thrive any farther. America entered the war divided, but it emerged as one state. All of these political effects had a larger consequence than anything else on the United States.

With the Republicans following issues that they one time scorned, an Era of Goodfeelings dawned on the American authorities. This phrase reflected the war s riddance of some diverse issues, but it besides applied to President James Monroe, the president of the U.S. at this clip, and his attempts to avoid political contentions. The feelings were largely negative because the Republicans were still divided in creative activity issues.

Canadian patriotism and loyal feelings were really strong after the War of 1812. The British caused the Canadians to get really small after the war. The Canadians, nevertheless, became more united because they figured that the United States would seek to occupy them once more. They wanted to be to the full prepared for such an event. Canada did, nevertheless, subsequently aid America progress economically.

There were besides legion economical effects that were from the consequence of the War of 1812. The military encirclement that was effectual during the war was shortly lifted when the war ended. The United States was now able to transport to Europe and other topographic points in a slightly peace once more. Rice, cotton, baccy, and grain were rushed to Europe from the U.S. Europe was now going dependant on the U.S. alternatively of the U.S. being dependent on Europe. There were other grounds for the growing of makers at this clip in history. First of all were the new scientific promotions such as the spinning Jenny, the steam engine, and the construct of the assembly line and interchangeable parts that farther aided in easier and faster ways to industry merchandises. Second, the addition in demand and every bit good as the monetary values of U.S. merchandises came about because of the lessening in imports and the addition in exports. Last, most of the money from the gross revenues of the merchandises went to New England where it was used sagely to make a stable economic system. All of these economic factors led an economic roar after the War of 1812.

Because the War of 1812 had such a immense consequence on the United States it is sometimes referred to as the Second War for Independence. This was non mentioning to Great Britain seeking to command the U.S. , but alternatively it marked the terminal of the U.S. dependance on Europe. Britain shortly acknowledged the independency of America, which marked a turning point in all of history. The United States was now booming in industry and fabrication. It formed new societal establishments and was quickly increasing in population. The U.S. was now eventually going a genuinely incorporate state. From now on the United States was able to take war or peace harmonizing to its ain involvements.