Corruption In Cry The Beloved Country Essay

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Corruption In Cry The Beloved Country Essay

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Corruptness is one of the most prevalent subjects in Cry The Beloved Country, every bit good as in today s universe. In this narrative the writer pictures many different characters in order to stand for this broad spread unwellness of society, John Kumalo, Gertrude, Abasalom, merely to call a few. Johannesburg itself is the sum-up of all that is incorrect with metropoliss of today. There is corruptness and poorness. Crime runs rampant, and observant citizens are forced to last as they can.

One of the most typical merchandises of corruptness in Cry The Beloved Country is John Kumalo. He has a adult female populating with him that he hasn t married ; he has no jobs with engaging a attorney that will lie, efficaciously reprobating his nephew to decease. His one good trait is that he uses his political power to assist foster the cause of the African indigens, and even this is tarnished by the fact that he merely wants to foster his ain aspirations. He doesn Ts have the bosom necessary for a radical leader and that will be his ruin. If he was willing to travel to prison and do forfeits for what he believed in or wanted he would hold much more power than he has now.

Abasalom is a good illustration of corruptness that doesn t semen from the bosom. Unlike John, Abasalom does non desire to be corrupt, and he is non proud of what he has done. When he killed Arthur he was horrified, and when the constabulary found him he didn t deny what he had done, but confessed. Abasalom was corrupted by Johannesburg and by his friends, and was a victim of circumstance.

Allan Paton presents Johannesburg as a nest of corruptness in the book. As a affair of fact all the other corruptness mentioned in the narrative is stemming from Johannesburg: John, Ge

rtrude, Abasalom, offense, harlotry, racism, segregation. Johannesburg International Relations and Security Network T merely corrupt in itself ; it corrupts all most all that it touches. This metropolis is really much a downscaled version of anyone of legion major metropoliss in the universe today. It is a sad twenty-four hours when a adult male of the fabric can non travel unmolested through the streets. The metropolis is overcrowded and everyone is so hapless that they must crouch to rob priests merely to feed themselves.

A good illustration of what this metropolis does to a individual is Gertrude, the most hapless character in the book. She has been chewed up and ptyalize out by a metropolis that has no room for good black people. She went away in hunt of her hubby and ended up by herself with many hubby s as Msimangu said. Gertrude must besides sell illegal spirits and has gone to prison. Her kid runs around ragged and dirty in the streets, with no instruction and no supervising or name. Gertrude is like Abasalom in that she is non corrupt at bosom, but it was Johannesburg that turned her. At the terminal of the book she chooses to stay in Johannesburg alternatively of traveling to her place, with her kid. She did this because she wanted her kid to hold a good life, but knew that she couldn T travel back when she was that corrupted.

This book really diagrammatically depict all the crud of corruptness ; it is everyplace, from the little small town to the big town. This reflects our society today. In our congressional offices, in our schools, in our tribunals and everyplace else there is corruptness. We must non allow this travel on ; we must seek and white out this smudge on the beauty of our civilisation. In Cry the beginnings of this are shown. A white adult male is assisting a black community ; in bend these people will non turn to offense in order to last.