Curfew for Minorz

The teen age years are a time when most of the young adults are constantly exceeding beyond their boundaries and testing limits. Many people believe that the &quot;teen years&quot; are supposed to be the time these young adults have fun, goof around, and do some very stupid things. These things are natural part of growing up. Teenagers have always enjoyed staying out late, but here in our country, we have curfew law preventing this. Even though most teens are against this law, their parents usually support it. Curfew laws are necessary and should be implemented. <br>


There are three ideas on why there should be a curfews set up everywhere for teens. The first is for their safety. Minors need to be protected and the best way to do this is to make sure they aren&apos;t out late at night. Second is that there is no reason for teens to be out past ten o&apos; clock, since nothing good can happen at that hour. In the first place, every teenager needs to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, so their brain can actually get some rest after a stressful day of work at school, getting enough sleep will give their brain a chance to process the important and unimportant information that has accumulated over the last couple of hours. Of equal importance, if a teen is not able to get the hours of sleep required, he or she may not be able to concentrate in class, therefore causing a downfall in their grades. Finally, if a teenager is not safe in his bed, his parents will certainly be worried.<br>


Some people might argue that minors should not have a curfew. They would probably say that curfew laws take away individual freedom and that parents, not the government, should make a curfew decisions for their children. They might even argue that unexpected circumstances could cause someone to get home late. The opposition&apos;s ideas

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