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Descriptive Essay

English 1010
Descriptive Essay (p. 92)
Part A
I.Surrounded by the old forest, I rested upon a throne-like rock that
faced the stunning blue ocean. Being the queen of the moment, I could hear
the birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves above me. I looked
around me and realized tall trees with luscious green leaves enclosed me,
giving me a warm feeling of peace. With a sigh of content, I looked out
over the sea. The sun’s reflection started on the point of the horizon and
grew. As it grew, the shimmer faded.

I felt a strong breeze on my face and the noise of the leaves became
louder. The tide was coming in. The waves hit the large rocks with such
force that the water sent out an explosion of droplets of water, which
sparkled in the sun.

It was amazingly overwhelming; the sight brought me to a perfect
tranquility I’d never felt before. I was queen for a few minutes, and my
heart won’t forget how I felt.

II.The humid air made it hard to breathe, and I needed to rest. I found
a large rock that was quite uncomfortable. Its jagged edges poked me in my
thighs. I could hear the birds chirping obnoxiously to one another on the
branches above me. The forest was old. Why hadn’t anybody cut it down for
a theme park yet? The sun shone brightly in my eyes, which made me see a
spot of the color blue everywhere I looked, even when I blinked.

As I sat, I looked out over the ocean and pondered how anyone would
want to be near it. I found it dull. It’s big mass of water and has
animals, big deal. The waves were made loud noises as they hit the rocks
below, and made me want to go flip the switch to off so my headache would
go away.

Part B
A writer and reader both need to understand the others point of
view. Everyone has different backgrounds. While writing, I tried to
remember that the readers have never been to this spot, and that they need
a full description to be able to understand why this place means so much to

When I was preparing to write my descriptions, I first wrote out a
list of places I could write on. I chose this particular one because it’s
somewhere that I have been many times throughout my life, and I know the
area very well. As I started to write, I realized that I am not good at
expressing the senses. I can see the spot perfectly in my mind, but I
don’t know how to put it into words.

It is very important to describe thoroughly what you see. It makes
reading much more interesting. It is boring to read anything without good
descriptions. The reader could be visualizing something completely
opposite from what the author wants.

At the point where I wasn’t sure how to explain what was needed, I
wrote out as many words I could think of that describe the main objects in
my paper. I found this very useful. I realized by doing this, that it is
a smart idea to start with the basics, and not expect to just be able to be
a descriptive writer.

What I found difficult was writing it negatively. I learned that I
needed to look at the place from a different angle. I needed to pretend
that I was someone that was very negative, and unwilling to accept the
beauty of the outdoors.

From here on, I know how to write through different eyes. Every time
I write, I will do as I did with these descriptions, and write a list that
describes each object, and carefully choose which words I will use to help
visualize the moment with the reader.