Diary of Anne Frank: Notes

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Diary of Anne Frank: Notes

1.The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank
2.The setting of this book is an attic of a building in Amsterdam during
the time period of 1942 to 1944.

3.The historical period of this book is World War II.

4.Anne Frank was a young girl who is the author of this popular diary. She
was thought of by others as conceited but didn’t think so herself. She was
in love with Peter Van Daan in the attic.

Margot Frank was the older sister of Anne who was considered smarter and
more adultlike than younger sister. Margot was also jealous of Anne
because of Anne’s relationship with Peter.

Mr.Frank was Anne’s father who was kind, forgiving and a very good father.

He cared for every Jew in the world for they were all opppressed victims.

Mrs.Frank was a caring mother who was always fare. She loved her husband
and favored Margot over Anne most of the time.

Peter Van Daan was Anne’s boyfriend who was picked on by Mr.Dussel. He
loved his father but thought his mother was a pain.

Mr.Van Daan was a loving father that always stood up for his son. He often
argued with his wife and Mr.Dussel.

Mrs.Van Daan loved her son, Peter, and her husband, although they argued
most of the time. She clinged to one material possession, her fur coat
given to her by her father.

Mr.Dussel was a Jewish dentist that picked on Peter van Daan for every
little thing. He wasn’t a very religious Jew, but he still wore the blue

Mr.Kraler was one of the people that helped them survive in the lonely
attic. He with Koophuis was sent to the camps with the Jews for housing
them. They both miraculously survived the camps.

Mr.Koophuis was the manager of the building occupying the group of Jews.

As I already mentioned, he went to the camps with the Jews. He was sick a
lot and was always on the edge of death.

Miep and Eli also helped the families by getting them food and supplies.

They were very helpful and sometimes helped them stay alive.

5.The characters in the book are in hiding because they are Jewish and
during WWII Jews were killed in concentration camps by the Nazi’s.

6.The Jews in concentration camps were being beaten and gassed. The Nazi’s
used Nerve gas and Mustard gas on the Jews. Jews were also being shot and
killed for no reason.

7.This book made me feel sorry for all the Jewish people in camps and
hiding during WWII. It made me realize how lucky we are not to be treeated
that way.

8.I think this book was published as a remembrance of what happened to Jews
during WWII. It was also published to show how much courage a group of
Jewish people had and how they tried to stay alive.

9.I would recommend this book to others because it showed the courage of
one group of people trying to stay alive. It also showed how Jews were
oppressed by the Nazi’s.

10.I think this book is so popular worldwide because it can so easily
reminds us of what happened to Jews in WWII. It also shows courage in a
group of Jews trapped inside a building hoping not to be discovered.