Difference Between Logic and Critical Thinking

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Difference Between Logic and Critical Thinking

Difference between logic and critical thinking


Logic is the science of studying the fundamental concepts and principles of good reasoning involving argument , inference , truth(accuracy) ,falsity(fallacy) and validity (soundness) .It is a tool for examining, analyzing, accepting and challenging different arguments in order to formulate acceptable conclusion.

critical thinking is the process of actively conceptualizing , analyzing ,evaluating information that have been generated as a result of observations, reasoning experience and communication to guide to our beliefs and actions. that is critical thinking is actually the process of practicing reasoning (logic) and how to apply the 3 stages of intellection (apprehension, judgement and reasoning)

characteristics of logic

logic is used to test that the validity of arguments that being logical are based on assumptions .That is logic is not concerned with the validity of arguments rather logic also studies the consistency and logic truth and the properties of logical systems such as logical statements should be complete and have sound . In order for reasoning to occur there should be some sort of link between knowledge and opinion within a mind and is where logic comes in . Thus, in order for our mind to reason they must construct knowledge and opinion possessed in the mind which is only possible within an underlying framework which links together knowledge and opinions in the mind. This is because without an underlying framework within the mind all knowledge and opinions possessed will exist as an information with no structure linking various fragments of knowledge and opinions together . Thus they will appear disconnected from one another, So logic  is the means by that links together all the knowledge within the mind .Thus logic is the ultimate underlying framework of a mind.