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Diplomacy has been an important part of human life that has existed for a very long time. Where in this long time, it has been used to solve many kind of problems. Human would not be able to live harmonically without any diplomacy act in their life.

Here, I used the term diplomacy as an act to settle with people or individual to gain a condition that one wanted. Generally, one would think that diplomacy is only for governmental institution and international trade, but, in fact, one could use diplomacy for any kind of cases, diplomacy itself can be used to gain something that one wanted in their life, either it to solve hostility or even to gain control over people. In the past, many historical figures has shown that words, especially when it made into speech, has power more than brute force. There have been many cases when one used a speech to gain control over something, for example, in World War II, Adolf Hitler used the chaotic condition of German to deceit many to join him in his act to rebuild Germany brilliance, this is a good example of when words itself could lead and control thousands of human in one’s hand. It is true that this is inevitable example of when diplomacy being used for bad intention. But, let’s think, if diplomacy can be used for something as bad and big like how the Nazi has done, why would not diplomacy itself used to gain justice, peace, and harmony in this world? And thus, diplomacy is an inseparable act in human life. The importance of diplomacy has rapidly increase all the time, while there are also so many problems in this world waiting to be solved, diplomacy play a really big role in taking care of this problems.

Without diplomacy, this world would have been in chaos until now. Human always seek for peace and mutual benefit when interacting with each other, many diplomats and delegates have devote their life in order to solve many hostility problem in this world to maintain global peace, using negotiation and speech skill, they have successfully maintain the world as one big community. Speech, speech itself has many function, one may use speech to calm the others, while it can also be used to spread fear among the others. Diplomacy played a big role in a country existence, without any diplomats, a country would not be able to fulfill the whole country needs. Diplomacy is an unavoidable act for a nation to be able to compete in the global competition, diplomats is those that negotiate with the other side either to make a pact or agreement for their own community or country. Truce pact, economic cooperation, military cooperation, business cooperation, and many other important things in this world, would not be able to exist steadily without a diplomacy act between the two sides. The world, without diplomacy, without doubt will be suffering.

Every country has their own flaws and strength. Diplomats, for a very long time has been on the most important role in a country as they are the medium/representative of the country to fulfill all of their needs, human cannot live without other humans, a country cannot stand alone by its own, and thus, a country also won’t be able to exist and compete in this world for a long time without any diplomacy act. Diplomacy most important role in a nation existence is that to solve hostility between the countries and the world, one could say that the President or maybe a king is the most important position in a country, but, is it really possible for only one person to handle every single problem there? Of course not. This is why diplomacy played an important role in a country, without diplomacy, we would not be able to live as easily as we are now, due that our country is still developing itself, obviously we are still unable to fulfill all of our needs like transportation, technologies, and many thing else, without the act of diplomacy, we would have a hard time dealing with every single aspect that our country need to prepare. Travelling across nations