Double Idenmity Essay Research Paper In comparison

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Double Idenmity Essay Research Paper In comparison

Double Idenmity Essay, Research Paper

In comparing to which a preferred more, I would prefer the film over

the novel. Uniting the theatrical elements of Hollywood movie noir,

Chandler & # 8217 ; s ( screen-writer ) duologue accomplishments, and Cain & # 8217 ; s hard-bitten manner, the

movie gives a better penetration to the triangular relationship between Phyllis,

Walter, and Keyes.

In the movie, we see that Walter is in a ceaseless struggle to asseverate

himself over Phyllis, and at the same clip, to go more & # 8220 ; adumbrate & # 8221 ; with

Keyes. Through the duologue & # 8217 ; s extended usage of sexual metaphors, we see how

Walter attempts to maintain Phyllis in cheque, and convey Keyes closer.

Interrupting the traditional movie cast of & # 8220 ; weak adult male sucumbing to strong

tempting adult female, & # 8221 ; Walter is merely as cold and difficult as Phyllis and thier

relationship, which in my sentiment, is non based on lecherousness or greed, but the

image of perpetrating such an act as partners.It & # 8217 ; s a authoritative scenario to see two

hardened people pull a occupation together

. So we could state that Phyllis and Walter

had a relationship based on one act of force, with the slaying being a

metaphor for a one dark base.

Keyes represented a male parent figure to Walter, and as the movie shows, was

dominant over Neff. The symbolic usage of Walter & # 8217 ; s infatuation with Keyes

cigar, and the lighting of each other & # 8217 ; s coffin nail gives us a glance of a

unusual relationship. & # 8220 ; I love you & # 8221 ; was said to one another in the begining

and the terminal of the film. Neff & # 8217 ; s relationship with Barton Keyes is similair

to his dealingss with Phyllis. Rather than exercising himself through impressions

and metaphors, Walter tries to widen himself over Keyes by seeking to hide

a perfect offense.

The movie & # 8217 ; s combination of the noir imagination, hard-bitten duologue, and

mush characters gives a better expression at the battle to maintain a & # 8220 ; perfect & # 8221 ;

slaying perfect. Cain did a good occupation iin showing the narrative in fresh signifier,

but the stuff is better presented as a screen-play.