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Economics Questions Essay

1. Housing Monetary values

1. 1 Cardinal and Non-fundamental Factors

Pricing of a merchandise depends on many factors such as demands for the merchandise and how inordinate the merchandise exists in the market ( supply ) . Housing monetary value is influenced by `fundamental` and `non-fundamental` factors. The cardinal factor inn lodging monetary value is about supply and demand ( Himmelberg. Christopher. and Sinai. 2005 ) .

1. 2 Market Bubbles and Fundamental Factors

The inquiry is whether market bubbles emerge from cardinal factors or what grounds that leads to a bubble in house monetary values. The cardinal factor inn lodging monetary value is about supply and demand ( Himmelberg. Christopher. and Sinai. 2005 ) . However. people know the theory of supply and demand are merely the first stairss towards understanding how puting up the market monetary values of a merchandise. Furthermore. the theory besides helps people to understand the manner in which these monetary values help determine production and ingestion determinations.

It means that the jurisprudence of supply and demand will explicate any state of affairs that might be if the market monetary value is excessively high and frailty versa. At any given minute. where the market monetary value is excessively high. we might anticipate that consumers will go forth Sellerss since they are already have other options holding the same features. size. and the gustatory sensations with lower monetary value.

The supply-and-demand theory revolves around the proposition that a free. competitory market does in fact successfully bring forth a powerful inclination toward the market-clearing monetary value. Without any witting managing control. a market spontaneously generates a inclination toward the dovetailing of independently made determinations of purchasers and Sellerss to guarantee that each of their determinations tantrums with the determinations made by the other market participants. Were this inclination to be carried to the bound. no purchaser ( marketer ) would be misled that it wastes clip trying to purchase ( sell ) at a monetary value below ( above ) the market-clearing monetary value ( Kirzner. 2004 )

Since lodging market attracts many investors to set their money for hope that it will raise significantly over times. the lodging monetary values may make a bubble period. The rise in house monetary values is influenced by cardinal factors. the supply and demand. This makes sense since the demand for holding houses may be exploded when the bubble exist. By definition. bubble state of affairs occurs when lodging monetary value is high because buyers/investors predict that the merchandising monetary value of houses will lift dramatically in the hereafter ( Himmelberg. Christopher. and Sinai. 2005 ) .

1. 3 Current Housing Monetary values and the Bubble

The lodging monetary values continue to lifting today. There are many implicit in factor behind the uplifting lodging monetary values. Harmonizing to McCarthy and Peach ( 2004 ) . one of the cause behind the lifting lodging monetary value is because the being of a bad bubble in this plus market. This status present possible menaces as the plus market could see a prostration that farther injury the U. S. economic system.

Another ground of the uplifting lodging monetary values is that the some place purchasers

Have the willingness and purpose to purchase the lifting lodging monetary values for hope that the houses will lift significantly in the hereafter ( McCarthy and Peach ( 2004 ) .

2. Urban Land Theory

Given the instance that the town of Valley watercourse. Long Island is 20 stat mis by auto from midtown Manhattan and in 2000. the average place value was $ 199. 800. The town of Dix Hills. Long Island is 36 stat mis from Midtown Manhattan and the average place value in 2000 was $ 386. 100. Explain why these facts do or make non confute the standard `urban land theory` as formulated by economic experts such as Kain and Alonso.

The instance does non follow with the urban land theory since the monetary value of lodging does non simply associate to distance from a metropolis centre or any topographic points of involvements. Many factors or penchants have great impacts towards customers’ determination on purchasing lodging that farther influences the monetary value as followers:

a ) A Change in Buyers’ Incomes and Wealth

Harmonizing to Howard Community College. “the demand for most merchandises will travel up of buyers’ existent incomes or existent wealth. i. e. . their purchasing power rises. ” In the instance of lodging. if a purchasers of the lodging manage to gain $ 25. 000 following twelvemonth alternatively of $ 10. 000 this twelvemonth ( and presuming there is no addition in the monetary value degree ) . it means that the costumer’s existent income additions. This state of affairs will impact the customer’s disbursement such as their penchants to purchase houses that are more expensive.

B ) Buyers’ Tastes and Preferences

Another factor that influences the demand for a merchandise is buyers’ gustatory sensations and penchants. In instance of lodging. the being of emotional benefits such as good vicinity or countries where there are famous persons will raise the monetary value of lodging in the countries. In add-on. the handiness of transit to distance location may increase the lodging monetary values.

Another theory says that cardinal factors. the supply and demand. may hold influence towards the pricing of metropoliss.

Third. alterations in implicit in basicss can impact metropoliss where in locations where lodging supply is inelastic. monetary values tend to be higher comparative to rents ( McCarthy and Peach. 2004 )

degree Celsius ) The Monetary values of Related Products or Servicess

In the lodging instance of Valley watercourse. Long Island and Dix Hills. Long Island. the difference of pricing may go on if in the countries there are many lodging or other replacements like flat. condominiums. and townhouses. Therefore. it does non count a lodging is located 100s stat mis off from the business district. every bit long as there are value added that clients will obtain when buying the houses in the are. the monetary value could be much higher than that close to a metropolis centre.

The state of affairs explains why Valley watercourse. Long Island that is 20 stat mis by auto from midtown Manhattan and in 2000. the average place value was $ 199. 800 is priced lower than town of Dix Hills. Long Island is 36 stat mis from Midtown Manhattan and the average place value in 2000 was $ 386. 100.

vitamin D ) Buyers’ Expectation of the Product’s Future Price

This factor will play a function when. for case. Dix Hills. Long Island announces that the monetary value of their houses will increase following month or twelvemonth since there will be a shopping centres of any topographic point of involvements that located near to the lodging. This state of affairs will drive consumers to purchase the houses in Dix Hills. Long Island quicker. Therefore. this sort of determiners will increase current demand for the lodging in Dix Hills. Long Island and switch the demand curve to the right.

3. Federals and roars and flops in the lodging market

In the New York Times column of May 27. 2005 economic expert Paul Krugman wrote: After all. the Feds ability to pull off the economic system pull offing comes from its ability to make roars and flops in the lodging market

In 2004. rising prices had picked up and had raised inquiries in the heads of some people about whether it might be on a lifting tendency that poses a hazard to monetary value stableness. Entire consumer monetary value rising prices as measured by the concatenation monetary value index for personal ingestion outgos ( PCE ) has risen from 1. 4 per centum over the 12 months of last twelvemonth to an one-year rate of 3. 0 per centum over the first four months of 2004.

Donald L. Kohn. a Governor of the Federal Reserve. says that monetary value stableness is Fed’s duty since it allow concerns and families to be after and run without worrying about additions in the general monetary value degree over the long tally is how we contribute best to furthering economic efficiency and lifting criterions of life ( “Remarks” ) .

Inflation has closed relationship with involvement rates. In the state of affairs where retail monetary values see a important addition. people might anticipate that involvement rate will lift every bit good. The ground is that authorities attempt to command the sum of money exist in the market.

Harmonizing BBC News ( 2005 ) . the addition of oil monetary value and Katrina storm have caused investors in Wall Street to believe of Federal Reserve that will probably to force up involvement rates quickly to command rising prices.

In the United States. the Treasury output curve is the first index of all domestic involvement rates and it influence planetary rates puting. Therefore. in the U. S. . involvement rates on all other domestic bond classs rise and autumn with Treasuries output. Below is the figure explicating the impact of rising prices and involvement rates on the Output.