Eleven Essay Research Paper The author Sandra

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Eleven Essay Research Paper The author Sandra

Eleven Essay, Research Paper

The writer Sandra Cisneros, captures the artlessness and insecurity of a

teennageer named Rachel, that experiences a mixed of emotions during scholl when

she calls misss in her category & # 8216 ; & # 8217 ; stupid. & # 8221 ; The enunciation as we can see is really

normal for the audience to understand, because the chief character is merely eleven

old ages old. The content of the essay is composed of simple linguistic communication that

charaterized Rachel, as a normal adolescent that is traveling through passages by

turning up. One of the major grounds for easy reading and connexion is

done by the effectual usage of sentence structure, and tone. The reader can grok the

estate of head and the athsmosphere that Rachael was involved, because Cisneros

captures the personality that Rachel had every clip she became older. For

illustration, we see Rachels insecurity when she repeateded her ideas through out

the transition. The introduccion to the narrative is composed of Numberss. The

significance of them has a powerful significance to Rachel. They express the fellings

of yesterday, but the lone diffeence

to her is that today she is eleven and

yesterday she was ten. Rachel brings out her artlessness when she says & # 8221 ; Like some

yearss you might state nil stupid, and that & # 8217 ; s the portion of you that & # 8217 ; s still

10 & # 8221 ; . By making this the writer uses simple linguistic communication to link with the

audience by the usage of simmilies. For illustration, when Rachel created a connexion

between the ring inside a tree and the manner people grow. The reading to

this could be that worlds like to associate to the yesteryear in order to a be better

individual in the hereafter and to understand how life works. Another of import fact,

is when Rachel said, & # 8221 ; Mamma is doing a bar for me for tonight, and when Papa

comes place everybody will sing Happy birthday, happy bithday to you. & # 8221 ; Here we

see that household was a large portion in her life, she uses happy memories with her

household to acquire off from the horror and abused that she experienced at school.

The tone of the transition is of a typical 11 grader, it is express in

thoughtful ways, how Rachel understood things in order to do sense of her

feelings and ideas.