Elvis Essay Research Paper Elvis by Albert

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Elvis Essay Research Paper Elvis by Albert

Elvis Essay, Research Paper

Acid by Albert Goldman is a book about the life and

times of the male monarch of stone and axial rotation. It shows how a state

male child rose up and ruled the universe of music, and besides showed

his ruin. It starts by stating about Elvis & # 8217 ; childhood, and

traveling to his teenage old ages. Elvis was ever a

wholesome state boy no affair if people considered him

leud, or hideous. In fact, Elvis was discovered when he

made a record for his female parents birthday, Elvis ever

respected his parents. Next it moves on to the first few

records that Elvis cut at Sun Records with his first manufacturer

Sam Phillips. What made Elvis different from other vocalists

was that he was & # 8220 ; a white male child who could sing like a nigger. & # 8221 ;

as Sam Phillips described his manner. It so moves on to

detail his breakthrough twelvemonth of 1956 in which he had such

hits as Heartbreak Hotel, and Hound Dog. 1956 was the

twelvemonth that Elvis took America by storm, and earned him the

rubric & # 8220 ; The King of Rock and Roll & # 8221 ; . After that, it states the

adversities that Elvis faced over the following few old ages in the

military. These few old ages were non really good for Elvis, for

the first clip he had to go forth the US, and his dear

female parent passed off before he left for his assignment in

Germany. Traveling on it tells us about his glorious return to

the United States, repossessing his rubric as & # 8220 ; King & # 8221 ; , and

traveling on to something bigger and better the films.

Over the class of the following few old ages Elvis made a batch of

films, but none were liked by the critics, but they did

do money. After his less than leading film calling Elvis

came back to music with a blast the 68 & # 8242 ; Comeback Special.

Once once more Elvis was on top of the music industry. After

the 68 & # 8242 ; Comeback Special Elvis moved on to really

successful shows at Las Vegas. Elvis played in Las Vegas

until his decease. He besides started to tour once more. It was during

this clip that he and his married woman of merely a few old ages, Priscilla,

got a divorce. This is the chief ground Elvis was shortly really

to a great extent addicted to drugs. Elvis was ever addicted to

drugs, but it was after his interruption up with Priscilla that led

him on a downward spiral taking to his decease.

In my sentiment this book is merely great. I truly enjoyed

reading this book really much. It was really enlightening, and

gave good penetrations into Elvis & # 8217 ; personal life. The facet of

this book which I loved the most though, is the honestness.

The writer, Albert Goldman, pulls no clouts when he

negotiations about Elvis really bizarre personality outside of the

limelight. One illustration of this unusual behaviour is that

when Elvis played in Las Vegas, he was so paranoid that

person might kill him, he went through a long drawn out

ordeal merely to walk to the dance hall that was merely a few

floors down from his suite. And when he went he carried

approximately 3 to 4 laden guns with him. This is one of the many

unusual facets of Elvis & # 8217 ; personal life in his ulterior old ages.

One more thing I like is the honestness of Elvis & # 8217 ; s drug

dependence. Like most Americans I didn & # 8217 ; t believe of Elvis as a

large clip drug user, until I read this book. It tells about how

Elvis spoke out against drugs to childs, and even met with

so President Nixon about the drug job in America.

The amusing thing is that Elvis was likely one of the

biggest drug addicts in the amusement industry.

As for the writers point of position, I think Albert

Goldman was really really honest in this book. And that is

one of the best characteristics of the book. To take some one who

is a national hero, and state the vivid inside informations of his chronic

drug maltreatment, his maltreatment of his money, and the maltreatment of the

people around him must hold been difficult, but is was merely the

facts. I think that most of the people who have read this

book had no hint what the existent Elvis was like. Don & # 8217 ; t acquire

me incorrect, the writer takes nil off from Elvis the

vocalist, he was, and still is one of the greatest entertainers of

our twenty-four hours, but Elvis the individual was a wholly different individual.

A authoritative instance of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. So

inconclusion I would merely wish to state to any Elvis fans read

this book to happen out what the & # 8220 ; King & # 8221 ; was truly similar.