Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

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For the purpose of the assignment following three people were interviewed-



Mr. Akshay Bageshwar


Ms. Anuja Deshmukh

Best Friend

Ms. Ritika Nagar

Office Colleague


      EMPATHY to me:

      It is the ability to feel what the other person is feeling. It is to experience their emotions and the ability to put yourself in other person’s shoes.



     My first informant is Akshay, family member with whom I have been in a close personal relationship for the past 7 years. He is currently working with GAIL India as a management trainee.

     Situation 1: (as narrated by him)

     The extra year that I had to put in for my engineering was one of my worst phases in life. My confidence had completely shattered, as I had not failed before. I was full of negativity and people around me, including you were progressing ahead in their life. I somewhere felt that I was left behind. During that time, I would have appreciated if you would have been more empathetic towards me. You did motivate me time and again, but sometimes I would get irritated with the practical attitude of yours.

     Situation 2: (as narrated by him)

     During my final placement process at XLRI, I was going through a difficult time due to few shortlists and rejections from various companies. Every new day would be a more difficult one. During this time, my self-confidence had dropped down and I doubted my own capabilities. It was difficult for me to convey the same to my friends and family. During that time, you were supportive and actually understood the pain that I was going through, maybe because the situation was relevant to you too. Instead of providing solutions, I liked the fact that you listened to my issues and not looked at it practically, like what you used to do before.