Environmental Management And Audits Essay Research Paper

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Environmental Management And Audits Essay Research Paper

Environmental Management And Audits Essay, Research Paper

AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT: WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT IS NOT An Audit is non the same as an Inventory Many people can confound an audit with an stock list. The one vital difference between the stock list and an audit is that the stock list is concerned merely with the environment, whereas an audit concerns the relationship of a community. The chief intent of the stock list is to roll up environmental facts. ( Newman et al. , 1997 ) . An audit relates those facts to a specific community. This concern for conformity with standard regulations and demands is besides relevant to environmental audits, but usually will non rule the audit, as it does a fiscal audit. The environment can non be reduced to a set of regulations, such as those that control the readying of fiscal statements. The study on an environmental audit will be drawn-out instead than brief, and its findings will be given to be in the signifier of remarks, recommendations and suggestions. This means that there is range for dissension or different readings. An audit besides considers how the yesteryear has led to the present state of affairs, but it is more concerned with the overall image than with specific jobs. ( Newman et al. , 1996 ) An audit: Drumhead Topographic points the accent on reading instead than on informations aggregation Emphasizes the overall position instead than specific probe of single jobs. Is an activity commissioned by and used by a First State, non something carried out by or for another organic structure. Assists the designation of ends and precedences, instead than being a response to jobs or opportunities.Definitions Environmental Management System: The organisational construction, duties, patterns, processs, procedures, and resources for implementing and keeping environmental direction. ( Graff, 1997 ) Environmental Management System Audit: A plan and process that determines whether the environmental direction system conforms to the organisation & # 8217 ; s planned agreements and whether it has been decently implemented and maintained. ( Newman et al. , 1997 ) . It contributes to direction & # 8217 ; s intent of the go oning capableness of the environmental direction system. Environmental Management System Review: A formal rating by senior direction of the position and capableness of the environmental direction system in relation to environmental policy and new aims ensuing from altering fortunes. ( Graff, 1997 )

Environmental Management System The International Organization for Standardization defines an EMS ( Environmental Management System ) as the & # 8220 ; organisational construction, duties, patterns, processs, procedures and resources for implementing and keeping environmental management. & # 8221 ; ( 1995, p.6 )

In simplified footings, an EMS continually provides an organisation with an accurate apprehension of the impacts its activities are holding on the environment, every bit good as utile estimations of possible impacts. A critical component of an EMS is the demand for direction to show a committedness to continual betterment by sporadically scrutinizing, reexamining and revising its EMS. ( Graff, 1997 )

As evidenced by the word & # 8220 ; system, & # 8221 ; an EMS suggests a uninterrupted rhythm.

This rhythm begins with the design of an environmental policy.

The policy must so be operationalized a

nd implemented throughout the organisation. The company must declare its environmental aims, and place those, which will hold the greatest environmental impact. These objectives become the primary countries of consideration within the company’s environmental plans. The environmental plans are basically the design the organisation follows to accomplish specific aims and marks along the path to accomplishing the overall environmental policy. The EMS establishes processs ; work instructions and controls to guarantee that execution of the policy and accomplishment of the marks can go a world. ( The International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) , 1995 ) . Communication is critical. It enables people within the organisation to understand their duties, and to hold an grasp for the environmental aims of the organisation. With this information, they are better able to lend to the success of the EMS. Conclusion Environmental direction aims to do responsible usage of natural, economic and human resources in ways that protect and better the environment. It seeks to protect valued ecological assets, pull off local countries in the most appropriate manner and heighten the relationship between people and the natural environment. ( Turner et al. , 1993 ) . Today environmental direction purposes to procure the of import rules of sustainable development which seeks to set in topographic point stewardship of the environment for this and future coevalss.


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A comprehensive expression at an environmental direction system with a figure of highly practical guidelines.

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Two chief differences are looked at in this diary. Manufacturing Strategy and Environmental Management. They are good in finding the relationship between the two.

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In depths expression at what is involved in developing an environmental direction system, and how to integrate that into a company.

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The writer provinces and concludes that there are several characteristics that can be adapted to act upon execution at the local degree. Further, the writer concludes that it is easier to act upon execution attempts than regulative manner, and easier to use formal, attacks than to further pacifying attacks.

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Introduction to application of basic economic rules to natural resource and environmental direction and policy instruments for modulating resources and pollution.