Ernesto Guevara Essay Research Paper Ernesto GuevaraErnesto

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Ernesto Guevara Essay Research Paper Ernesto GuevaraErnesto

Ernesto Guevara Essay, Research Paper

Ernesto Guevara

Ernesto Guevara was born in l928. When he was two, he moved to Cordoba,

Spain, because of asthma. As a immature kid, Guevara became interested in

reading Marx, Engels, and Freud found in his male parent & # 8217 ; s library. As he grew up,

he watched the Spanish refugees from the Spanish Civil War battle against the

fascist dictator, Francisco Franco. Mr. Guevara was influenced by the war and

refugees. He began to detest military politicians, the U.S. dollar, and

parliamentary democracy. Ernesto & # 8217 ; s parents were both anti Franco militants.

In Buenos Aires, Mr. Guevara went to medical school. He graduated in

l953. After several old ages, Ernesto went to Guatemala composing articles on the

Inca and Myan ruins. During his stay in Guatemala, he had the opportunity to go

a authorities medical forces. He refused this opportunity because he did non desire

to fall in the Communist party. Therefore, he was penniless for a figure of old ages.

Shortly thenceforth, Guevara met one of Fidel Castro & # 8217 ; s lieutenants with whom he

fled to Mexico City.

In Mexico City, he besides met Fidel Castro, and his brother Raul. In

Fidel Castro, he saw a great Marxist leader that he was seeking. Guevara joined

Castro followings at a farm where they were developing for guerilla war tactics.

The tactics were those first used by Mao Tse-Tung. At this clip, Ernesto

Guevara foremost was nick named & # 8220 ; Che & # 8221 ; , which is Italian for buddy.

The group invaded Cuba, where Che was commanding officer of the revolutionist

ground forces. From so on, he was known as the most aggressive, cagey and successful

guerilla officer. He besides got the repute for inhuman inhuman treatment. One

ground for this repute was because of his orders to mass execute followings

of the former Cuban

president Batista. There after, Che Guevara was 2nd merely

to Castro in the authorities of Cuba.

As the old ages went on, Guevara ran the section of industry for Cuba.

The authorities they formed was communist but really different from the so

Russian authorities. Ernesto attacked the Russian manner of Communism and said

& # 8220 ; It was silent confederate of imperialism. & # 8221 ; The Russians were non merchandising merely

with Communists and they were non giving under developed states assistance.

After April of l965, Guevara disappeared from the public oculus. Castro

dropped his association with Guevara because of Che & # 8217 ; s unfavorable judgment. Che & # 8217 ; s program at

that clip was to convey about Marxism by get downing a global revolution. He

went around the universe with forces ( 120 Cubans ) . In Congo, they attempted to

accomplish one of these revolutions. It fell abruptly when Belgian assistance arrived to

assist the current authorities. Che had small aid from the Rebels of Congo and

finally failed. His concluding yearss were spent in Bolivia where he used bad

judgement by seeking to get down a revolution. His military personnels were crushed, and he was

captured by the Bolivian Army. Che was shot the following twenty-four hours.

Ernesto & # 8220 ; Che & # 8221 ; Guevara is known even today in Vollegrande, Bolivia as a

hero to many citizens. He is a symbol of power for the laden people.

Guevara is thought of by many as a saint. Pictures of Che remain in many


To the young person of America in the l960 & # 8217 ; s and l970 & # 8217 ; s Che was thought of as

an graven image. He was viewed as a radical sufferer that supported the ideal

classless society. In many ways, his ideas and thoughts are of import for us

today. Now our & # 8220 ; democratic & # 8221 ; authorities is merely run by rich Caucasic males.

The door for the equality in our authorities has non been unfastened to the remainder of