Figueroa’s Framework Essay

Australia competes and does good in a broad assortment of athleticss. because of this. bettering entree and equity in athleticss is a large issue for Australians. One degree of Figueroa’s model that impacts my entree. chance. engagement and overall enjoyment of volleyball at BSHS are the single and institutional degree. 3 factors from the single degree that impact me the most are ; ability. assurance and clip. Professor Peter Figueroa created “Figueroa’s Framework” to assist people measure everything that might forestall jocks from executing at their best. There are 5 degrees to the model ; single. interpersonal. institutional. structural and cultural [ 1 ] . 2 of the degrees that I have chosen to better my experience with BSHS volleyball are the institutional and single. The single degree of Figueroa’s Framework impacts me because I believe that I need to better my ain personal ability. By bettering my single ability I will be able to entree more chances to play volleyball.

To better my public presentation I would foremost necessitate to better my ego assurance. Surveies have shown that by bettering assurance you besides better you public presentation. [ 2 ] By bettering my public presentation I will so go more willing to do more clip to play volleyball as I will bask it more. This will impact on my engagement and enjoyment of volleyball because I will be more willing to take part because I will hold more assurance. I will besides bask volleyball more as I will hold improved my accomplishments. Bettering my single ability will non merely impact on the single degree of Figueroa’s Framework. but will besides better the cultural and institutional because I will desire to give other people the same experience as me by giving them my recommendations on the single degree. The recommendations that I have made within the institutional degree to better everyone’s BSHS volleyball experience better is to hold coaching and mini –games run by pupils for pupils at tiffin times.

The institutional degree of Figueroa’s Framework affects my experience of volleyball because it impacts on the sort of installations that I can entree and the sort of installations that are accessible impact on my public presentation. [ 3 ] These mini-games could be organised rather easy. pupils that enjoy playing volleyball would bask this and would promote their friends to come along and with more people coming along the more gratifying it would be. A study that I conducted showed that 1 in 3 pupils would experience more willing to take part in something if their friends were besides take parting. Not merely will this recommendation impact the institutional degree of Figueroa’s Framework it will besides impacts peoples single degree and the interpersonal degree because people will better as they come along and the communicating between volleyball participants will increase as these mini-games are societal. My other recommendation to better volleyball as BSHS on the institutional degree is to advance volleyball at a local primary school. Get downing at a younger age is proven in many countries to better public presentation. specifically in athletics in affects bone development. musculus growing. skill development and others. all of which are needed to make good in athletics.

[ 4 ] Besides. by making this the popularity of the athletics will turn and more people will be willing to take part therefore increasing the enjoyment of BSHS volleyball for all pupils. Another study that I conducted show that a bulk of people will make something if it is popular and a most of those people would besides bask it more if it was popular. These recommendations that I have made are certain to better the enjoyment of volleyball at BSHS. the betterments include. higher popularity of the athletics. engagement of pupils in the athletics and the skill factor of the pupils. Figueroa’s Framework is indispensable when analyzing factors that impact public presentation of jocks because it analyses all possible facets of public presentation.

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