Final Defense Script

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Final Defense Script

As for the statement of the problem,

Us, researchers sought to answer the following questions.

  1. How may the profitability of San Miguel Corporation, our respondent,  be assessed in terms of the following:
  1. net margin;
  2. return on equity;
  3. return on assets;
  4. earnings per share?
  1. How may the financial leverage of San Miguel Corporation be assessed in terms of:
  1. debt to equity;
  2. debt to asset;
  3. times interest earned?
  1. Is there a significant relationship between financial leverage and profitability of San Miguel Corporation?
  2. What input may be proposed to enhance the profitability through financial leverage?

The ratios we considered as variables are based on the books of  needles, powers, crosson..and the accounting book of roque. This will be further discussed in our theoretical framework.

Also to answer the mentioned questions, we used several statistical methods. Again, the discussion will be provided in our research methodology.

So upon knowing the relationship, we proposed some inputs which can help San Miguel Corporation, our respondent, to enhance their profitability, which is the dependent variable of the study, through financial leverage, the independent variable.