Francisco Pizarro Essay Research Paper Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro Essay, Research Paper

Francisco Pizarro was born in the twelvemonth 1445 in Trujillo, Spain, a little town near Caceres, Spain. He was the boy of a Spanish foot captain. He spent his childhood in one of the poorest parts of Spain with his grandparents. He ne’er truly learned to read and compose.

In 1502, he traveled to the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola with the governor of that Spanish settlement. Pizarro took portion in an expedition to Columbia in 1510, and three old ages subsequently accompanied Vasco Nunez de Balboa in a journey that ended the find of the Pacific Ocean. He served as a city manager of a town called Panama from 1519 to 1523.

Pizarro shortly found out about a really affluent group of Indians to the South. He shortly got two of his friends to organize an expedition to research and suppress the land. A soldier named Diego de Almagro provided the equipment while the vicar of Panama, Hernando de Luque took attention of the fees.

Pizarro & # 8217 ; s first expedition was two old ages of agony and adversity but the second was a small better, he sent Almagro back for supports. Pizarro and a few others remained on an island. Alternatively of directing aid, the governor of Panama sent vass to convey back the expedition. Pizarro did non wish to return. He so drew a line in the sand. The people that wanted to remain stood on his side of the line. Thirteen work forces crossed the line to fall in him. Pizarro & # 8217 ; s friends persuaded the governor to direct one vas. Pizzaro used it to research the seashore of Peru. After researching the seashore he returned to Spain in 1528 to inquire authorization to suppress Peru. This was shortly granted.

Pizarro left Spain on

January 19, 1530, and sailed from Panama the undermentioned twelvemonth. He had three vass which contained fewer than two 100 work forces and twenty seven Equus caballuss. After seven old ages of adversities and letdown, the adventurers started the conquering of Peru. Pizarro spent a twelvemonth suppressing the coastal colonies. He so marched inland to the metropolis of Cajamarca. There he met with envoies of Atahuallpa, the Inca Emperor. Atahuallpa accepted an invitation to see the Spanish commanding officer and arrived attended by crowds of unarmed Incas. Pizarro’s followings were armed and waiting. Atahuallpa was traveling to repent swearing Pizarro. When Atahuallpa refused to change over to Christianity or to accept the Spanish male monarch as his crowned head, Pizarro and his work forces seized the Inca Emperor and the Spaniards slaughtered two 1000 of Atahuallpa’s people.

Atahuallpa offered, as ransom, to make full with gold a room 17 by 20 two pess to a point every bit high as a adult male could make and to make full it twice over with Ag. Pizarro was non slow to accept the ransom. Soon subsequently he had Atahuallpa executed. Pizarro so marched to Cuzco and set up Manco, Atahuallpa & # 8217 ; s brother as nominal crowned head. In 1535 he founded Ciudad de los Reyes ( metropolis of Kings ) which is now Lima. The metropolis was the place of his new authorities. Manco escaped and headed an unsuccessful rebellion. Two or three old ages subsequently Pizarro and Almagro quarreled over the district each was traveling to regulate. This competition shortly assumed the proportions of a civil war. Those who supported Pizarro captured and executed Almagro. The discontented followings of Almagro so conspired against Pizarro. They assassinated Pizarro in Lima on June 26, 1541.

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