Franny And Zooey United Essay Research Paper

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Franny And Zooey United Essay Research Paper

Franny And Zooey: United Essay, Research Paper

Franny and Zooey: United by Laura Cattani Mr. Detloff Nov. 16, 1998 Period 3 Although rather different in secret plan and construction, the two narratives: Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger work together to organize a incorporate piece of literature with an improbably deep message. While the whole job, or flood tide is set up in Franny, Zooey deals with it, explains it, and eventually solves it in the terminal. Franny and Zooey Glass are sister and brother, severally, who are both & # 8220 ; freaks & # 8221 ; ( 103 ) and can non cover with world. They were taught Zen Buddhism and many other faiths and doctrines by their two older brothers Seymour and Buddy. Franny and Zooey by the way acquire frustrated with and can non associate to people who are non every bit rational as them. All of this defeat erupts in Franny as she has tiffin with her fellow Lane at a diner called Sickler & # 8217 ; s. She begins by picking at Lane and so kicking about all of her professors and other people at her college. She eventually breaks down and passes out because of this defeat. Franny ends during her dislocation and Zooey begins in New York at the Glass flat. Bessie, their female parent, is disquieted because of Franny & # 8217 ; s province and asks Zooey to assist her trade with her. After long treatments in the bathroom with his female parent about why Franny had a nervous dislocation, Zooey eventually goes and tries to speak to Franny. However, both people are really obstinate and are so angry with the remainder of the universe that they finally bring their choler on each other. Zooey resorts to talking Franny on why she is holding jobs. He s

ays it is because of the book she is reading called ‘The Pilgrim Continues His Way’ which says that to achieve enlightenment one must endlessly reiterate the Jesus Prayer. However, Zooey becomes angry with Franny because he says that she has no right to pray the Jesus Prayer because she does non even understand Jesus himself. When Franny was younger she became huffy at Jesus for being avid and Zooey tells her she can non state his supplication if she does non understand him and this is portion of the root of her dislocation.

The two narratives come together to organize a incorporate piece of literature at the terminal of Zooey when Zooey calls Franny from Seymour and Buddy & # 8217 ; s old room as Buddy. Although Franny figures it out that it is truly Zooey naming and non Buddy, she remains on the line and her and Zooey work out and work out their jobs. Zooey has two more things to state her. First of wholly, he agrees with her that they both & # 8220 ; had the exact same goddam capricious upbringing & # 8221 ; ( 199 ) and so they do hold ground to frequently go defeated and angry at people but that they besides both portion an utmost sum of endowment. The last point that Zooey makes is that they must both utilize their endowments to the best of their abilities merely for & # 8220 ; Seymour & # 8217 ; s Fat Lady & # 8221 ; ( 201 ) if for no 1 else. This is because in the terminal they are non populating their lives for those other idiots on Earth but instead that Fat Lady who is & # 8220 ; Christ Himself & # 8221 ; ( 202 ) . This radical thought reveals the whole significance of the two narratives: that Fanny and Zooey must utilize their endowments and trade with their universe for faith and halt utilizing faith to cover with their jobs.