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Freakonomics Book Report

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Ruozhu Wang


Before I have an understanding of economics, I think that economics should be boring numbers and symbols, it does not make any sense for real life (at least for me). It is this book that makes me realize that economics is not any specific subject but a philosophical, the value of this subject can be prevalent in all aspects of social life, for everyone, every family, every organization, every economic entity, and for even every country, it also has extraordinary significance and value.

When I read this book, I think I chose the right one, and I also so agree with the authors ‘evaluations about the economics book which wrote by the great man of United States. “This book allows you to understand the world around us from one of the most interesting angles that will make you eye-opener,” Cox said.

In this book, Levitt and Dunbar are drawn materials from everyday life to explore the world that behind everyday things in an economic way: Will a baby become a good student in the future if reading a book to the him every day? Is the swimming pool more dangerous than firearms? In fact, the structure of the drug syndicate is like that of McDonald’s, and neither the grassroots staff nor the younger are profitable, the money is all fall in the pocket of the president and the big brother; the difference in parenting style has little effect on the child.

“Freakonomics” establishes a view that is contrary to traditional wisdom: if ethics represents the ideal mode of social operation in our minds, then economics is telling us how this society works in the end.

The famous book critic Lanzi Berg assimilate “Freakonomics” as a detective novel, he said when he was reading the book in the process, he should always “hold him breath”. So, he can exactly to focus on what the author is reading. In his view, every chapter of “Freakonomics” contains all the elements of a first-class detective novel. But the goal of detection of Levitt is not to “find the murderer”, but “open the real world of camouflage.” Almost every word in the book of ” Freakonomics “is a subversion of traditional wisdom, and many of his discoveries are shocking, and some may even lead him to death.

No matter from which point of view, this is a book will lead the people to a new world.

This book focuses on five issues that are often occur in everyday life: (1) deceit; (2) the controlling force of information; (3) the cause of high-risk occupations such as drug trafficking attract the people; (4) Acquired education and congenital inheritance play a different role in the process of child growth; (5) The evolution of the name. Levitt’s inconsistency with traditional wisdom in these five areas is believable because it uses many survey data to prove, and through analyzing the data, the authors find that if a policy can stimulate people’s economic motives, social motives and moral motives. And that can be a good way to prevent people from cheating, in which case the people be more honest than imagined.

In addition, Levitt also described the common ground between the 3K party and the real estate business is that it has grasp some information that the people cannot easily grasp, so that everyone is afraid of 3K party, ordinary people are ignored by the real estate business; To buy a house of comrades, we should unite together to break the real estate business which has the advantage about the information, so as to deal with the process of taking advantage of this and it same as the sale of things when the bargain, let them consider that you are experts. Of course, this requires the concerted efforts of most comrades. It is useful when just one person make efforts, after all, it is the seller’s market world.